Thursday, August 28, 2014

Saturday, August 16, 2014

more about our muscovies

I'm loving these ducks! They are so cute.

We carried them back up to the pond this morning, watched a bit, then decided to leave them to swim and we'd come back and check on 'em later. We started walking away, turned back to find that they were following us. Isn't that funny?

Mike works at the livestock auction every other Saturday, and he just called to say that somebody just brought in 5 boxes of small chocolate muscovies. Guess what?

view from the duck pond

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

we have muscovies

 I bought a trio of muscovy ducks. 
Our young muscovies are so smart,
after they went swimming in the pond,
Mike just walked 'em back down to their dog kennel.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Linear Appraisal

We had our first ADGA Linear Appraisal today. It's a fascinating experience. We'll get it done again next year. The appraiser said overall we're good on heads, shoulders, and legs but my homework is to work on rump angle and teat placement which I have been concentrating on lately. We dam raise and our Nigerians are lawnmowers who browse on mountain sides but I'm striving for top-of-the-line lawnmowers.  :-)

E - Excellent
V = 85-89+ = 80-84A = 70-79F = 60-69P = 59-below

General Appearance, Dairy Strength, Body, Mammary

Cherry = VEEV 87
Rhubarb = VEE+ 86
Caliente' = VVE+ 85
Casablanca = +VV+ 85
Rhuthie = V+V+ 84
MariGold = ++V+ 83
Calamity = ++E+ 82
Holly = V+VA 81
GingerBreadGirl = Dry
Tulip = Dry
Chili = Dry

General Appearance, Dairy Strength, Body = Overall

ShadySashay = ++V  +
GinniB = ++V  +
HopiArizona = +++  +
Caberet = +++ +
Bouquet = ++V +
BurgundyJones = VV+  V
RedRose = +VV  V
SilverBelle = V+V  V
MayBelle = V+V  V
CaliCake = V+V  V
RedRhuffles = VV+  V

BUCKSGiuseppe = V+V  V
StormTrooper = ++V  +
ChamoStorm = ++V  +
ChiliCharlie = ++V  +
FireStorm = too little