Thursday, December 31, 2009

how we spent our News Years Eve

in the barn with the goats
Cahoot, MilkDud, Pappy

The weatherman doesn't have any good news for the weekend *****Hi: 18 Lo: 9, Hi: 19 Lo: 8, Hi: 20 Lo: 11 and our front yard still looks like an iceskating rink. I'm ready to wring Al Gore's global-warming neck.
Cali, TootleLu, Clara, June


Cahoot & Mike

Mike & MilkDud


Pappy's beard

Pappy and SweetPea's 1/2 brother, Sundance

SweetPea in the hayrack


Monday, December 28, 2009

meet Pappy

Gypsy Moon P Moon Fire "Pappy" DOB Aug '07 . Actually, he's our oldest buck now. His pedigree is here: SonnyAcreFarm

Cahoot and MilkDud standing in a corner checking out Pappy. Cahoot will be our biggest buck, then MilkDud, then Pappy. Our two wethers, Cubby and Sundance are very petite.

Pappy checking them out.

His sire is Rosasharn UP Papillon*S and we ate lunch at Pappy's BBQ so we decided to nickname him - Pappy. We didn't want to call him MoonFire.

For the transfer, we met Kori Conner of SonnyFarmAcre in Old Fort, NC. We traded Deets for Pappy; new bloodlines for each of us.


Our Pearl Guinea's hanging out on the split-rail fence, very cold today, a breezy 21 degree's.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

dogs and the sunroom

Blissi Girl.
See the light green texture on the recliner? I think it's pretty.

Brawny Boy

Blissi chewing on a bone from Santa Claus.

Brawn and Bliss, they are Irish Terriers. We'll get some paneling up in the sunroom/doghouse one day.

Now I've got some bookcases in the sunroom, still organizing. That's 16yr old Henry, a Humane Society Special, on his dog bed.

On Christmas Eve we picked up these pair of recliners for $60 off of Craiglist. In the first photo, I was pointing out the fabric on 'em. Haven't decided yet on the flooring, gets dirty and wet often with three dogs constantly in and out of the doggie door, I almost like the idea of leaving it bare.

I want to get herbs, and seedlings going in front of those windows.

Mike also has`a mini-frig in his "hangout" room. A wall-propane heater keeps the room warm.

This is what it looks like in Boone, with much damage, lots of households still without electricity, we're fortunate we were only out for several hours. We live more on the western side of the county and didn't get hit as hard as Boone and some other areas.

Our local radio stations are finally back on the air, were off the air for over 24 hours.

Looking out of a sunroom window seeing guinea's in the tall pines,

and through the window, our Guinea Fowl Lane.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day Ice

A week after over a foot and a half of snow fell in the High Country, around a half inch of ice has caused thousands of power outages in the area.

Over 30 percent of households are without power. At the outages' peak, around 35,000 were in the dark.

Crews from Blue Ridge Electric and even other energy co-ops have been called to the High Country to try and restore power, but it could be tomorrow before power is restored to all customers.

We have electricity now but was out this morning.
Yesterday we got the fallen barn awning torn apart and burnt some of it.

Photo's from Christmas Eve at the inlaws (don't know why the photo's are scattered around from each side).

Mike's mother and three sisters
Mary, Sandy, Sherry & Tina