Monday, April 29, 2013

Rhudolf is that you?

5:15PM Monday - arriving home from work. me - What the ...
Let me back up

6:30AM Monday - My 2nd freshener Nigerian doe, Rhubi, is having a rough labor, I pull out #1 kid head first, a doeling who was dead. Then, I pull out # 2 kid, correct position but dead. # 3 kid, a doeling was alive and well. Rhubi passes placenta with # 3 kid. I take my time getting a shower and getting ready for work, go out and check on mother and daughter one more time, leave for work.

5:15PM Monday - wonder if I'm seeing double. Who/what the heck is that? Rhudolf is that you? Sometime during the day Rhubi delivered two more, a buckling and a doeling but the doeling was dead.

All 5 kids were fully formed and decent size. And yes, after # 3 kid, she passed her placenta. I'll chalk it up to a new experience.

A Rhubarb Bouquet Arrived

#1 - a tiny doeling and #2 - a big buckling both drown inside Mama because I waited too long to be invasive. #1 I pulled out head first then legs. I helped Mama with #2 but too late. #3 I just helped Mama a bit and #3 a doeling is fine. I'm sad about #1 and #2, I know "it's a part of farm life" but that doesn't really help except that I do have #3 Rhubarb Bouquet.

Friday, April 26, 2013

goats and red Silkies

You want to know why I love having generations here?

The little girls got disbudded this week.

Remember the day-old red silkies in the brooder? Now, six weeks later, I've got 7 of 'em and we moved 'em to their new home with the 2 black Silkie hens. Aren't they cute?

I have these igloo doghouses so I can move broody turkey girls to larger spaces. When we move the girl and her eggs, we block the opening for a couple of days until she gets settled in.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

little goat girls and eggs

Here is a sampling of the chicken eggs that the girls are producing.  I like the various colors.

Here are Bourbon Red turkey eggs, and we have a turkey girl setting on them.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cassie Vet Checkup

I thought Cassie's udder felt a little hard but my Vet said she thought the udder felt great. OK, so I'm a worry wart. Cassie got a BoSe shot and a fecal check. Our Vet gave Cassie a clean bill of health.
Funny - Mike put Cassie in car but I didn't know he put the babies in the car. In fact, as I was walking out of the house, I said, "Cassie is gonna be hollering for her babies all the way to Mountain City and back" but he didn't say anything. Cassie was so quiet all the way there and I couldn't believe it. Got to the Vet's, Vet came out to the car, I opened up the back, and SURPRISE! so that's way Cassie behaved all the way over. Nobody made a peep.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Calamity Jane & Caprina joined the world today

We have 3 Tulip daughters - Casablanca, Holly and MariGold.

Today, April 10 2013, Casablanca "Cassie" had triplets.  CalamityJane easily popped out first, after Cassie did a lot of pushing, Mike checked and the next kid was breeched, took us a bit to get him out and he never took a breath, then tiny Caprina easily popped out.
This is Cassie's father/sire and his outstanding pedigree
Cassie's Dam
2*M AR East Rivendell HK Tulip's Girl 2*D
Tulip's Girl
Sire: Springs Run Haiku's Koke
Dam: 1* M Old Mountain Farm Tulip *D 'VG" AR2103
Cassie's udder will be awesome when she is cleaned up a bit, not ready for prime-time pics today.

Bordeaux is the sire to the two girls.

Calamity Jane, was an American frontierswoman, and professional scout best known for her claim of being an acquaintance of Wild Bill Hickok, but also for having gained fame fighting Indians. She is said to have also exhibited kindness and compassion, especially to the sick and needy. This contrast helped to make her a famous frontier figure.

1) caprine - being or pertaining to or resembling a goat or goats; "caprine creatures."  2) Meaning of "Caprina" In Italian, the name Caprina means- unpredictable. The name Caprina orginated as an Italian name. The name Caprina is most often used as a girl name or female name.

While the new girls were arriving, everybody else was just laying around relaxing and enjoying the beautiful day.

Bordeaux "Bordy" is the baby daddy to Calamity and Caprina.