Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday misc pics

Sunday Sara

Sara is owned by Lisa at   We were watching Sara all day because her udder got big overnight, she was mumbling to herself all day, and she was either in the barn or staying close by. 

the rear leg kicked out is also a sign of pending labor

Nice medial suspension on the udder.

approx 7PM, when we were in the house, she popped out two girls. We'll be keeping Sashay, Stormy's granddaughter, Tank's neice. Sara and [soon to be named] Alice/Stella will go to Lisa after her transition.

I'm so tickled, if I couldn't have Sara (red and great bloodlines), I wanted a mini Sara.

Alice/Stella has lots of moonspots.

Sadie will be named Alice or Stella. Jack loves to check out the new kids.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Taylorsville & Harmony

This morning, we visited Four Legs Good Farms  to find Audrey climbing in the trees - so charming, what a great life for a human kid and her goat buddies. I suggest that her parents write a children's book.

Mike helped Indigo get ready for the Shelby Dairy Goat Show.

We've got two does, MariGold and Gold Medal, due during the show dates. We'll see, but Mike may take a few goats to the Show and I'll stay home and play doula.

We're always tickled to see Dahlia and Lulu, Tulip's daughters. These girls haven't been bred yet but they should have some awesome udders.

From Taylorsville, we headed to Harmony where is located. Previously, we had a fifth-wheel trailer and large diesel truck but traded them over a year ago, we (I) wanted to operate more efficiently, going more small scale.

We'll continue to shop around, but liked this RED one the best.