Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday Sara

Sara is owned by Lisa at   We were watching Sara all day because her udder got big overnight, she was mumbling to herself all day, and she was either in the barn or staying close by. 

the rear leg kicked out is also a sign of pending labor

Nice medial suspension on the udder.

approx 7PM, when we were in the house, she popped out two girls. We'll be keeping Sashay, Stormy's granddaughter, Tank's neice. Sara and [soon to be named] Alice/Stella will go to Lisa after her transition.

I'm so tickled, if I couldn't have Sara (red and great bloodlines), I wanted a mini Sara.

Alice/Stella has lots of moonspots.

Sadie will be named Alice or Stella. Jack loves to check out the new kids.

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Mary Ann said...

Beautiful! We finally got our Nigerians, two little (soon to be) wethers.... we love them!