Wednesday, April 28, 2010

frost warning, ZenniOptical, CaprineSupply, GoatShows

been wet and rainy here lately. at 1:15PM, 44 degrees and frost predicted for tonight
not pictured in this photo, our 16 year dog, Henry, who is laying on a dog bed

My dear Franklin always sees me off to work in the mornings. Anytime we open the door, coming out of the house, we hear an enthusiastic gobble-gobble, like GOOD MORNING!

Ordered glasses online from ZenniOptical, I got the "works" for $85 which included shipping.

Got in some goat supplies from Caprine Supply. I know, some of y'all are thinking CHEMICALS and I agree with ya but then I swing back and forth on the fence when it comes to the good health of my goats. My mentor, Carol at Kids Corral, uses these on her goats and her goats just look like the picture of good health.

Upcoming Goat Shows we plan to compete in:

Saturday, April 24, 2010

how 'bout them udders!

Clara's Udder (she's nursing quads)

Cali's Udder (she's nursing twin boys)

We used to have this pair of geese. Tootsie upfront, a Super African. HonkyTonk in the back, a Chinese/African cross. At our former home, we made 'em a tarp pond (but we needed a spring-fed pond).

At this home, Pappy out picking.

and MilkDud too.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

planting, paint, pushy Pixie

A few seeds I've picked up, however, tater planting time up here in the hills.

Using some fabric paint, I wrote our goats names [past and present] on the trailer tire. Don't know if the paint will hold up on the heavy-polyester (not sure what it's made of really) cover.

Bought and planted a couple of blackberry bushes. 'Round here, with goats, chickens, and turkeys, we try to protect "store-bought" plants from getting eaten.

Bordy sunning

Clarence, Chamonix, Beau, Pixie

Pixie is pushy,

head strong,
and domineering - my kinda girl!

MommieBird has three babies.

Sally, Bourbon Red, is still sitting on her one egg.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Belanger, Creasy Greens, Decals

See the small guinea egg there?

I got a letter from J. D. Belanger today.

I didn't know I was supposed to have a photo in his book and he sent me a free signed copy.

Sheared Clara walking among the Creasy Greens.

Creasy greens are an old favorite which are as easy to grow as spinach indoors or out, but is more cold tolerant than spinach. Produces rosettes of glossy, green leaves. These slow-bolting greens are popular in the South, and unprotected plants last all winter even in sub-freezing temperatures. Very easy to grow, even on clay soils. A highly nutritious green available 3 seasons of the year. Has 3 times the amount of vitamin C as oranges, and twice the amount of vitamin A as broccoli. Makes a nice topping for salads and can be used in quiche.

Decals on Mike's truck,

and the Goat Mote got decals.

Pregnant June scratching her back on the fence railing, and the red boys, Beaux (polled) and Bordy (disbudded).

Red Cali has been sheared.

Bordy and Grits

Cubby and TootleLu playing. In background, Clarence and Pixie playing.

Waiting to fed.

Bourbon Red Sally is sitting on ONE turkey egg.

June and SweetPea. All the goat's hair is in the compost bin.

June isn't due until the end of June.

Have a good one

Sunday, April 11, 2010

the weekend wrapup

thank you for the Blogger comments, as someone suggested, I deleted the last video, and then everything fell back in place, whew
my little merle, Pixie

The goat babies had been playing hard but I caught 'em while they were napping under the influence of the Spring sunshine.

Yesterday, we took the 6 goat babies to our friends and mentors Carol and Duane at Kids Corral and they disbudded Grits, Clarence, and Bordy. Their Daddy is Cahoot who is polled (naturally hornless), therefore some of his kids will likely be polled. As of now, Pixie, Chamonix, and Beau seem to be polled but we'll still have to keep a check on their heads for the next couple of weeks.
Clarence disbudded
Chamonix and Clarence
While at Kids Corral Saturday evening, I finally got to witness a birth (my girls always deliver when I'm not home). The first buckling popped out but Carol had to help the Mama with the second buckling.

The tiny doe that Mike is holding, Trophy, at Kids Corral is one we dearly love although she is a mini-dwarf, just an "ornament" at Kids Corral, not enough legs to be used for breeding.