Sunday, February 28, 2010

baked spaghetti, bucks, video

baked spaghetti

Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

June, TootleLu, Gabbi, Cali, Clara, Sundance, SweetPea


Friday, February 26, 2010

PappyBaby, 76", TheMirrorIncident

You want to see a baby picture of Pappy Jr?

We didn't have him then, but I found the photo online.

Gypsy Moon P Moon Fire (Pappy Jr)
Dam: Rosasharn FS Moonbeam
Sire: Rosasharn UP Papillon

we've had 76" of snow this winter with more coming this weekend

The wind had been howling all last night and today. This afternoon, I pulled into the grocery store parking lot, opened my pickup truck door, and wham, a big gust of wind slammed my door against the passenger-side mirror of a the big, clean and shiny, red, modern-looking pickup truck next to me. Yeah, the Dale-Earnhardt-embroidered-leather-jacket-clad guy was in his truck and if looks could kill. He sat there for a few moments like he was trying to contain himself; like he was trying to use the tools that he learned in anger-management class. I was mouthing and hand gesturing that I was terribly sorry. He slowly got out, looked at my rat-trap of a truck, and says to me, "you need to be careful." Now, remember the scenario, it's freezing cold outside, snow everywhere, winds are gusting, and I'm standing there while redneck NASCAR is fiddling with his mirror, which I can tell early on is just fine, it had just popped back, but he's all but getting out his magnifier to look for any nicks in the paint, any slight fractures in the mirror. I again apologize, and he again tells me I need to be careful, never acknowedging the howling winds, and acting like I'm some kind of reckless-driving-crazy woman. I say, "do you want me to call the police (so they can investigate this tragic accident)." Long pause as he fiddles, "weeell, let me see if it works from the inside." So he finally gets in his truck, and I can hear and see the mirror buzzing back and forth just fine. I start walking towards the store, trying to keep my balance because the wind is blowing so hard and I hear, "from now on, you need to be careful."

Thursday, February 25, 2010

blizzard warning

Blizzard Warning. Watauga (North Carolina). URGENT - WINTER WEATHER MESSAGE
If this loooong, cold, snowy, windy, icy, winter doesn't end soon, residents here will be hanging more than Mr. Snowman - themselves.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Franklin eating grapes video

SweetPea is like me, if she can find a chair, she's gonna plop down.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

butter, Wheatens, Chinese Bush Clover

Proverb - "Life is never as sweet as butter unless you milk it for all it's worth."

I practiced making goat cheeses last year, this year, I'm aiming for goat butter. Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats. The two does that are due to deliver sooner than later - Cali and Clara up front. June was recently bred. SweetPea is not.

On the AllThingsGoatBlog, I was reading about Chinese Bush Clover -

Parasites are an ongoing concern for goats and there’s good news on that front. The Agricultural Research Service reports that Chinese bush clover (Sericea lespedeza) is effective in controlling intestinal parasites, particularly barber pole worm.

The forage plant disrupts the reproductive cycle of parasites in the ruminant’s digestive tract. It can be added to the diet by planting or supplementing normal feeding with a bush clover dry hay or pellet.

I ordered some seed through CannonValleyNursery. Apparently, wild birds like it too and I've always been a Wildlife Backyard Gardener. Of course, I'm glad that we moved here last year, but regrettably left behind many, many bushes, flowers, trees, and vines that attract wildlife at our other home, sure hope the new folks appreciate them.
Salmon Faverolle Hen, Doothi

Wheaten Marans Hens

Wheaten Marans Roo, Duffy. He has 6 girls.

"Boys, I threw the bread out for the birds."

MilkDud and Pappy

I fixed some Eggs and Bacon, and Eggs and Waffles, Candy

"bad girl Toot" she's not to be standing in feed dishes

I took the following photo's around town yesterday.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

a flat, Toyota Lawnmower, outhouse, old barn

Running late, on a cold, snowy road, I had a right-front tire blow out this morning on the way to work, $600 later, I have 4 new tires. Had my truck towed to a tire shop, they said I couldn't get only 2 new tires because I have 4X4, I had to have new tires all around, always something.
Have y'all seen this, on YouTube, they're calling it Toyota LawnMower Recall.

From yesterday's post, yes, we have a port-a-pottie/outhouse, I've blogged about it a few times previously, "you know you're WHITE-TRASH REDNECK's if you have a outhouse in the front yard." Yes, we have an indoor bathroom but Mike enjoys his big-boy outhouse, and uses it daily. In the summertime evenings, I have hanging candles burning around it. The port-a-pottie people come and clean it weekly when they can get up our road which hasn't been since Dec 8th, they have a service log inside the outhouse.
Yesterday, someone asked the age of our poor, old, needs-a-lot-of-work barn. Mike isn't home right now but I think it was built in the 60's. In it's prime, the Wilcoxes owned several walking horses. Mike and his youngest sister showed their horses and have lots of trophies. Until we moved up here in 2009, that old barn hadn't seen much action in years but give us a couple of years to bring it back to life. I'm actually very proud of that old barn, although it doesn't look like much, it holds a lot of value for us keeping our critters dry and fairly draft free this winter.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

SnowDaySnowPay, video, bacon & eggs candy

New hen - I bought her yesterday at the hardware store, she was just too irresistible.

EGGS - Holding a fresh egg in my hand is like having a religious experience. GOD really created works of art here. I love everything about eggs, where they come from, the sunny yokes, against the whites, to the speckled and colored shells. I've been asked if I'm afraid of the cholesterol content. I don't believe, don't want to believe, that egg consumption leads to heart disease. Swallowing a fresh egg is my cummunion.

Now in the stores, because Easter is the next big retail holiday, all sorts of egg goodies are on the shelves. I buy up everything EGG and give 'em as presents throughout the year.

This sounds like a cute recipe:
Bacon and Eggs Candy

Small pretzel sticks
White chocolate
Yellow M&M's (I'll use orange M&M's to represent my fresh eggs)

Lay 3 pretzel sticks side by side.
Put a teaspoon or so of melted white chocolate in center to hold pretzels together and form the "egg yolk".
Place a yellow M&M in center of chocolate for yolk.
Let harden at room temp.
Today, I've got to make a new batch of the "recipe"
Hot Chocolate
4 cups dried milk
2 cups sugar/Splenda
1 cup non-dairy coffee creamer
3/4 cup cocoa
1 package instant chocolate pudding

I put a hefty scoop in the bottom of my XL mug, add some cold milk, stir, then fill the mug with boiling water, stirring again.
There's a little bird in the house, on the kitchen counter picking at crumbs, I'll let him stay for awhile, eat a belly full and get warm.
I hope all this wintery weather is killing bunches of bugs.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Olympics, and ride with me to work

When I was growing up, the Olympics in our house was huge. Down right unpatriotic not to keep up with all the events.

Fast Forward, I'm 53 years old, so I'm remembering back, prior to the BIG money, prior to the professionals, prior to the high-tech, when the Olympics for Americans was about amateur athletes, young folks who sacrificed around school, jobs, and families to reach their goals and get to the Olympics. When the amateurs friends were sleeping in or out partying, they were practicing 7 days a week.

Now, along with the American athletes, 90% of the world altheletes you see competing in the Olympics are Americanized, they train and live here in the US. Heck, they are all good friends, they train together in the same facility, and have the same coach but they're representing different countries. They have agents - it's contracts, commercials, sexy magazine spreads, reality TV. After these Winter Olympics, I'm sure a few of 'em will be forever plastered on the tabloids along with Tiger, Britney, Paris, and Michael. There's no underdog athlete for me to pull for anymore. My patriotic loyalties seem kinda silly.

In 1913, Jim Thorpe was stripped of his Olympic decathlon and pentathlon medals, because he had played minor league baseball for $25 per week. His medals were eventually returned, but not until almost 30 years after his death. In the 2008 Beijing games, the USA basketball players made a combined $160,552,278 last year in NBA salary alone. That's over $160M, between 12 men. While Thorpe's medals were eventually returned, the fact remains that the Olympics were originally intended to be an amateur competition, and while some sports have stayed true to that, too many have turned into exhibitions of multi-millionaires.

Hey, I don't blame anybody for making money, if the opportunities were there for me, I'd be grabbing for a big piece of the pie too. I'm just sayin' as a spectator, I still enjoy the Olympics on TV somewhat but with all the gloss and greed now involved, it just doesn't hold the appeal for me like it did years ago.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Feb 14 photo's

We actually saw the sun today but our local weatherman says - We got a look at the sun today and temperatures were milder than recent days. Hope you enjoyed the break--because it's going to be a long, wintry week!

Here's a cute Valentine girl, very pregnant

The 6 girls did some picking on a sunny bank.

another cute girl, also pregnant, due April 1st

the sunshine sedated us like a drug

Thursday, February 11, 2010

snow day & Broccoli-Cheddar Quiche

Joanna didn't have to go to work today, Appalachian State University shut down due to the blizzard. The University HATES to close, the powers-that-be have to really be cornered and under duress first.

Broccoli-Cheddar Quiche, here's what I do, I don't actually measure anything, quiche is difficult to screw up. Here is a basic recipe, throw in whatever you like or have on hand - crumbled bacon, minced onion, spinach, etc. You can use different cheeses too, we just like sharp cheddar the best.

1 deep-dish pie crust
1 cup or more of sharp Cheddar Cheese
3 Tbs melted butter
frozen broccoli florets, or chopped broccoli
5 fresh eggs from your darling girls,
(old, factory eggs from the grocery store if you must)
1 cup of fresh goats milk from your precious girls,
(cows milk full of horomones from the grocery store if you must)

PREHEAT oven to 375°F. Bake the pie crust for a few minutes, then pull it out, sprinkle half of the cheese evenly onto bottom of crust. lay in some frozen broccoli covering the bottom, add remaining cheese.

BEAT eggs, add butter and milk until well blended; pour over ingredients in crust.

For the outside crust, I beat one egg and some water in a small bowl, coat the edges well.

BAKE 45 min, making sure the center is fairly solid
To Matt at FootHillsPoultry - FYI, since the Morganton Poultry Show cancelled, we've planned to meet Pat in Marion Saturday morning to pick up the Wheaton Rooster. Thx for your help.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

blizzard & hanging with the girls

At the conference, two gals from our 3rd-party administrator also attended, we had a good time together. Leslie and Heather took me to Sticky Fingers.

At the Concord Mills Mall, MakeupMan put on his moves.