Thursday, February 18, 2010

a flat, Toyota Lawnmower, outhouse, old barn

Running late, on a cold, snowy road, I had a right-front tire blow out this morning on the way to work, $600 later, I have 4 new tires. Had my truck towed to a tire shop, they said I couldn't get only 2 new tires because I have 4X4, I had to have new tires all around, always something.
Have y'all seen this, on YouTube, they're calling it Toyota LawnMower Recall.

From yesterday's post, yes, we have a port-a-pottie/outhouse, I've blogged about it a few times previously, "you know you're WHITE-TRASH REDNECK's if you have a outhouse in the front yard." Yes, we have an indoor bathroom but Mike enjoys his big-boy outhouse, and uses it daily. In the summertime evenings, I have hanging candles burning around it. The port-a-pottie people come and clean it weekly when they can get up our road which hasn't been since Dec 8th, they have a service log inside the outhouse.
Yesterday, someone asked the age of our poor, old, needs-a-lot-of-work barn. Mike isn't home right now but I think it was built in the 60's. In it's prime, the Wilcoxes owned several walking horses. Mike and his youngest sister showed their horses and have lots of trophies. Until we moved up here in 2009, that old barn hadn't seen much action in years but give us a couple of years to bring it back to life. I'm actually very proud of that old barn, although it doesn't look like much, it holds a lot of value for us keeping our critters dry and fairly draft free this winter.


AJ-OAKS said...

Tires are expensive! Thanks for the info on the barn. I love old buildings and always ask the history on them. The porta potty in the yard had me curious which is why I asked about it. Thanks. Looking forward to the next post.

Mary Humphrey said...

I laughed so hard at the lawnmower recall. I had to wipe my eyes twice...and pass the phone on to share the "funny"!!

My barn held horses, buggies and cattle, Amish. It isn't much to look at, for now it does its job. I am also a barn watcher. I love yours, Joanna!

Teesa said...

My word, I cannot believe you had to pay so much for tires! Bill just got new tires at Kelley Bros (16inch for his 4x4) and it was only $400 for all four. It's crazy the differences in prices here!

I love your barn. And listening to your voice on your videos makes us miss you even more. Stay warm!

Louise said...

Well, poo, the video has been removed. I'm glad you're ok, after your blowout.

Anonymous said...

Yep.. we put four new tires on my SUV last year and it's such an expensive... but a very necessary one. Don't they make you feel a lot safer on the road? Mine sure did.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Callie said...

So sorry that happened. I hated getting a flat tire. Yuk!

When I was a kid we had an outhouse on the farm that everyone had to use if they were outside. We only used the inside bathroom if we were already in the house. I guess it sure makes sense if you were the one mopping the floors.

Melodie said...

I love your old barn , it has history and character! Speaking from a barnless property...I would have loved to havehad an old barn even if it needed a little TLC !I am looking at tires soon for my truck...ugg!So many other things to spend money on..but I got to have them!