Wednesday, February 10, 2010

blizzard & hanging with the girls

At the conference, two gals from our 3rd-party administrator also attended, we had a good time together. Leslie and Heather took me to Sticky Fingers.

At the Concord Mills Mall, MakeupMan put on his moves.


Louise said...

Oh my. That is impressive. Glad to see that people seem to be driving sensibly.

Chicken Boys said...

Some people are dumb. They think too many people are dumb! Only a fool would spend that kind of money on some cream crap! Face it! No matter how much creams and lotions we use, we're gonna get older. Of course, this is coming from a guy who don't use any of that stuff. But I figure if you don't like the way I look, don't look at me! :) Snow, snow go away!

Chicken Boys said...

Sigh. I have to run 2 miles in 17:42. I try music, but I really need a run partner. I ran cross country and track in high school and did pretty good. But I was always running with someone. I just gotta push myself, I guess.

Melodie said...

$ 149......... ...hahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!! Don't think so!

Mary Humphrey said...

I am on my mobile, catching the video later is a must!

I have a difficult time with seeing the benefits of very expensive face creams!

I do think some will help, and actually I am testing some, but not at that cost!

I am sick of snow and wind, how about you?

Cat said...

Wish we had all that nice snow up in the mountains here, not messing up your commutes and worktimes! (I think Vancouver might appriciate it, too!) Keep warm, and be safe. I am glad to see that most all your drivers are good, we have goofballs here that insist on seeing if they can slide if there is snow, then wonder why they are in a ditch... Sheesh.

$149... Nah. I get the cheap stuff, and spend that on yarn, animal food, and ink cartridges. (Probably in that order, truth be told...)


John Gray said...

i will never complain about our weather again!!!

Flartus said...

Wow, I can't believe how different your weather was today, not so far away! We were windy and cold, but lots of sun. Shoulda delayed your trip home a day or two.

Mr. Makeup must be desperate; I can't imagine he sells a lot of $149 bottles of cra...I mean, cream.

Foothills Poultry said...

Boone never looked that bad when I lived up there for school.

At about 1:25 in the video you passed the apartments on 105 bypass where I lived my last 3 years.

stay safe


Mom L said...

Wow! That first picture is awesomely beautiful, and the 2nd looks like any scene around here! Of course, our snow is still left over from our Dec. blizzard, as our fresh stuff has been pretty light.

Looks like you've managed to have fun at that icky conference!

Nancy in Iowa

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Turn left already! Why was that guy sitting there so long with his left turn signal? gah!

I'm amazed that you could drive through a blizzard with the camera on and you giving a commentary and conversation. wow! I'm not as skilled and have to pay attention to just one thing, like driving. lol!
And that was a lot of snow!

I used to go shopping at Concord Hills Mall years ago. Funny about Make-up Man. They can get rather pushy trying to sell the products.