Saturday, September 25, 2010

TurkeyBBQ?, HayDay

"if Mike catches y'all on his truck, y'all are gonna be turkey barbeque!"



we got 40 bales of hay today, Mike pitching it up in the hay loft

our pumpkin patch

I broke some up for the animals

Duffy, our Wheaten Marans Rooster
[Matt, the one we got from Pat, I know, way too many points]

If Mike hasn't put the grain out for the goats by 6:45PM, SweetPea is fussing at Mike. Does she appear under-nourished to you?

Franklin walks by, Jefferson on the gate

Pied Guinea

Pearl Guinea

a Pearl girl setting on a nest, in the bucks stall, and the bucks are in rut, so much commotion in there but the boys must not be bothering her too much

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sept 22nd Photo's

Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats
SweetPea just had a Saltine Cracker

The girls take this path to go browse.

Bourbon Red Turkey Hens

Pied Guinea's

Sundance (a wether)



Bourbon Red Turkey Toms

Bourbon Red Turkey Hens


Bourbon Red Turkey Hen

Wheaten Marans Hen

Sundance & Gabbi


Sunday, September 19, 2010

musings, I guess

On the issue of whether a Muslim group should build a mosque two blocks from Ground Zero - "the people who committed those acts of terrorism on 9/11 were no more Muslims than the IRA terrorists were Catholics, besides there are bars and strip joints in lower Manhattan too." -Paul Begala
Did you know that cataract surgery is the most performed surgery in the world and the surgery with the highest success rate (over 97 percent)? I'm recovering fine although the right eye was a more involved surgery than the left eye, although it continues to get better every day. I'm trying to get used to reading glasses now. Don't think I'll need eyeglasses for driving though.
The view that our President is a secret Muslim appears to have taken hold of the American mind. According to a recent poll, one in five Americans is convinced of Barack Obama's Islamic faith. Personally, I don't care if he is a Muslim (I rather he not deny it if he is of Muslim faith), what scares me is organized religion of any kind, just gets too many people killed.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Mountain State Fair Goat Show

Fall - I think it's the goats favorite time of year. The colorful leaves are like candy falling from heaven to them. Jill from Legacy's Ministock
Wish we had won a trophy at the Mountain State Fair Goat Show, hopefully one day. We certainly had a good time anyway, we always learn a lot and always come home from a show, after hanging out with experienced breeders like the Nelson's, and re-evaluate the herd. All of us breeders, no matter what level we're on, want to continue to improve our herds setting high standards for the Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat breed.

Still with one good eye, hope these photo's are in focus, I get the right eye done on Wednesday, can't wait to be cataract free and won't need to wear glasses (maybe some "readers").

on the right, a good friend, Logan Corn of Tonto's Barn

babies in one pen and Mama's in the other, so Mama's udders will fill up

If you're ever in this area, I highly recommend Acropolis Pizza. 15 of us Nigerian folks ate there for dinner Saturday night, good food.

Mama's and babies reunited

Saturday, September 4, 2010

a one-eyed woman

Cataract surgery on Wednesday, had my left eye done. I'm now realizing that the new lens is set to the power that I need. I went to work on Friday and I was comparing the lens-wallet card with a couple of co-workers who also have had cataract surgery, I had the strongest lens - 16.0D. Also, I had an additional procedure done to help with astigmatism.

You know you're way over on the other side of the hill when you're comparing cataract-surgery notes with fellow gray-headed folks.

I get the right eye done in a couple of weeks. After wearing eyeglasses for many years, I'm not wearing any now, the prescription is too off now. Seeing to type this is quite difficult. My left eye is healing well although it's gummy sometimes and it's still adjusting.

I can't tell if these photo's taken today are in focus or not. Gonna be interesting until I get my other eye.