Sunday, August 29, 2010

wrapping up the weekend

To describe our Sunday, Mike didn't shave and I didn't put on a bra.
Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

Goats in the Garden - we're opening up the veggie garden to the goats now and they love it.

I'm having cataract surgery on Wednesday. Yeah, at 54 years old, I'll have cataract surgery on each eye two weeks apart. I've gotten so nearsighted and have severe halo's such as, a Speed Limit sign of 35mph, I see several 3's and several 5's. Having cataract's is also like looking through a slightly foggy windshield.

In preparation for a Fall Goat Show, we started shaving some goats. Judges can see the conformation and udders much better if very little hair on the goats. The goats hate to be groomed though.


Pied Guinea's and Bourbon Red Turkey's

We're keeping Washington and Jefferson, we tagged them with colored legbands.

Does anybody know what kind of bird this is? Notice it's XXL. McMurray Hatchery sent a bunch of 'em.

Check ya later

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pot Stickers

click and watch this video if you're interested
We've never had pot stickers before but wanted to try 'em.
I just used regular cabbage
I cooked the meat (onion and cabbage) in a pan, drained the grease, and then put in the wontons. I didn't do the last step, ate 'em lightly fried.
The crimping of the wontons is the hardest part, I gave Mike that job.
Didn't make the sauce but will next time.
Mike says he can eat his weight in these pot stickers.

SweetPea and other goats in the overgrown garden.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

come, set a spell

Mike's parents "set a spell" with us, of course, as always Franklin was in the mix.

I marinated some Flat Iron steaks. Just little nubs of corn coming out of the garden now.

The Flat Iron is one of the most versatile pieces of beef. It takes to a marinade like no other, it's tender beyond belief, and you can cook it with much success in many methods. Plus, it's cheap.

Think I'll check on the pumpkins in the garden which is behind the orange gate.

coming along

the weeds are really taking over quickly, we've had a lot of rain lately

Monday, August 16, 2010

PotatoSalad, with a German twist

How many versions of potato salad are out there? Well, here's anther one. Mike loves it because this potato salad has such a vinegary kick. Years ago, some friends with a German hertitage would make it for us when we visited with them. I've actually had to receate it because I don't have the recipe.

Here, while the potatoes are cooking
1/2 c of apple cider vinegar
3/4 c of Splenda (or 1/2 cup of sugar)
then added 4 raw eggs (from your girls) and mix

drained the potatoes, added in chopped red onion, and dill seed. Mix and let it cool for a bit, the vinegar is soaking in the warm potatoes.

large dollop of mayo
small dollop of mustard

sprinkled on some paprika (Paprika - good name for a goat)
With every mouthful, this potato salad packs a punch.