Sunday, April 29, 2012

weekend April 28 & 29

Nephew, Demetre, helping Mike
rewire the trailer-lights plug.

MariGold unladylike.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

PhotoScape, dogs, and poultry

For those of you that were using Picnic, Picnic closed shop unfortunately, I'm now using the free photoeditor, PhotoScape, and liking it. I resisted the change until Picnic closed shop on April 19th.  PhotoScape has some features I like that Picnic did not have.

They actually appear clean!
Don't get to see that everyday.

wrestling all the time.

blue-laced red wyandottes


Now that TurkeyGirl3 has her back
to the entrance of the doghouse,
that's a good sign she has gone broody.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Turkey Update

Bourbon-Red TurkeyGirl1 hatched 8 poults but we're down to 6. We had them in the old-equipment shed which is backed up to the terriers fenced yard. Two little poults wandered through the chain-link pen into the fenced yard and two poults were murdered by the terriers. So we have moved TurkeyGirl1 and the remaining 6 poults over to a stall in the barn.

The new chickens are now in the old-equipment shed, don't think they can wander out into harms way.

Broody turkey hens 2 and 3 are next door in the doghouses.

TurkeyGirl2 has been setting on eggs since 4/20/12. She had gone broody in the chicken coop but we moved her into this pen and fortunately she went back to setting.

TurkeyGirl3 had also gone broody on no eggs in the chicken coop in a tiny nest box so we moved her over next to TurkeyGirl2 today, but don't know if she will stay on the nest of eggs I made for her. None of the eggs I put in there are turkey eggs but just trying to give her a comfy, safe spot and some eggs to set on.

Just a photo of the wyandotte's and tiny BeaBall.

7 new chickens

We have one rooster, Crusier. Until yesterday anyway. We went to buy a young pair of blue-laced red wyandottes. Somehow, $61 later, we came home with 3 roosters. Cruiser is NOT going to like this.

I picked out the BLRW pair, and then started asking the chicken lady about a silkie hen because I heard they make good broodies. Somehow, we came home with 4 silkies one of which is a ROOSTER. Then Mike saw the Copper Marans ROOSTER. We used to breed marans but goats took over our attention, and most of the marans eventually died out.

This silkie gal goes aound pecking and attacking everbody else.

Copper wanted a break fom Bully and to check out some standard-sized gals, some who are Cuckoo Marans hens.

But, Cruiser showed up and we put Copper back up.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Snapshot

We had glorious weather this weekend.

Lulu was worn out.

A Nigerian Dwarf doe:
General appearance will be of femininity and refinement, paired with good condition and strength. Head will be refined and fairly long, with either straight or slightly dished profile. Eyes are large and soft, ears are medium-length and well set on the head. Face is very animated and expressive. Neck is long and slim, and blends smoothly into tight shoulders with high, sharp withers. Body is long, deepening from heart girth to flank to allow plenty of room for internal organs and kids. Ribs are flat, spaced wide apart, and well-sprung. Topline is level, with only a slight slope from hips to tail. Legs are wide apart, straight, with short, strong pasterns and short feet with tight toes. Skin is soft and pliable, with fine hair.
The crowning glory of any dairy goat is her udder. The "perfect" udder is capacious, attached very high and wide, with milkable teats, and a smoothly blended foreudder.

Some of the Wilcoxes came visiting.

Been busy getting the goats shaved for
an upcoming Dairy Goat Show.
 hate to see Beau's
gorgeous red hair
get shaved off