Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Snapshot

We had glorious weather this weekend.

Lulu was worn out.

A Nigerian Dwarf doe:
General appearance will be of femininity and refinement, paired with good condition and strength. Head will be refined and fairly long, with either straight or slightly dished profile. Eyes are large and soft, ears are medium-length and well set on the head. Face is very animated and expressive. Neck is long and slim, and blends smoothly into tight shoulders with high, sharp withers. Body is long, deepening from heart girth to flank to allow plenty of room for internal organs and kids. Ribs are flat, spaced wide apart, and well-sprung. Topline is level, with only a slight slope from hips to tail. Legs are wide apart, straight, with short, strong pasterns and short feet with tight toes. Skin is soft and pliable, with fine hair.
The crowning glory of any dairy goat is her udder. The "perfect" udder is capacious, attached very high and wide, with milkable teats, and a smoothly blended foreudder.

Some of the Wilcoxes came visiting.

Been busy getting the goats shaved for
an upcoming Dairy Goat Show.
 hate to see Beau's
gorgeous red hair
get shaved off


Mary Ann said...

I wish you would make all your pictures large... they are so wonderful. The picture of Tulip and her baby is precious!

DebH said...

Glad your having some of this glorious weather. Hoping you miss all the scary stuff going on too. Seems we've had a Winter like no other and now Spring has been unusually nice! Your grass is so green and your girls look wonderful! One of the best parts of your photos, is Mikes bright shirt. Either your camera catches some good color or he is just sparkly on that hill of green. Love this time of year for all those babies. You have some healthy looking girlies there!

appalcart said...

Thank you girls, I DO read the comments. :-)