Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sunday at the barn

Love my red Nigerian goat herd. I'm posting these pic's below because I'm proud of the condition of their coats. I sit back, watch 'em, and am inspired like an artist. This time of year, their diet is primarily that of nutrient-dense browse.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

decorating my apartment

On Mike's family's property, we live in a 2bed/2bath apartment. We used to live next to the barn in our RV/sunroom but in March 2015 we moved a few yards down, next to mother-in-law and Mike's middle sister, Mary and Sandy. Our gravel road from the barn down to the highway to get out to work  gets very difficult in the winter, and in March, we were having to walk up and down - was miserable. The apartment had sat empty and unloved for a few years and needed lots of work - everything from plumbing to get the water working, getting the toilets replaced, all light fixtures replaced, ceiling fans installed, painting throughout, and carpet in poor shape but we just got it cleaned for now. After living in an RV, we had NO furniture.

Originally, we lived in a house in a rural neighborhood where we had furniture but we got rid of it to move into the RV. The RV/sunroom is now a feed room and one day, I would like to turn it into a milking room OR fix it up, and rent to a couple who would like to spend the summer living with goats and poultry.

Selling our house in the neighborhood - 1) I wanted to have lots of lush, private land for the goats and I wanted to live with the goats, 2) I was so sick of paying a mortgage.  We sold the house, bought a used 5th-wheel RV, paid contractor brother-in-law to add a roof and sunroom, and we got along great in it. I even had a washer/dryer combo - the European style where you put your clothes in and it washes and dries 'em (small and takes forever but...)

Anyway, on limited budget, especially after having to pay to get all the work done, I have really enjoyed decorating our apartment.  Mike and I watch the HGTV channel all the time, so we were ready for a project.  As you can see, the color scheme is mostly cranberry/white/red.  Most everything you see has been purchased from ebay, a local online yardsale, or at auction.  The framed "Daniel Boone" was owned by my father.  The table under Daniel Boone belonged to my paternal grandmother.  I especially love my curtains and "Mike's" cranberry recliner. This Friday, we are going back to the original home of the cranberry recliner (Craigslist) and buy a matching rug.

I'm working on decorating the two bedrooms but not ready for photo's just yet. The master bedroom has a "black-bear" theme going.

I need a BIG BAG OF MONEY to fall out of the sky!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

I live for this...

not only enjoying my goats, but families with my goats enjoying the goats. Along with some Nigerian girls, I sold Edelweiss bred,. Today, Edelweiss gave birth to Giuseppe kids (I'll have to show him the photo's, he'll be proud of himself).