Saturday, September 25, 2010

TurkeyBBQ?, HayDay

"if Mike catches y'all on his truck, y'all are gonna be turkey barbeque!"



we got 40 bales of hay today, Mike pitching it up in the hay loft

our pumpkin patch

I broke some up for the animals

Duffy, our Wheaten Marans Rooster
[Matt, the one we got from Pat, I know, way too many points]

If Mike hasn't put the grain out for the goats by 6:45PM, SweetPea is fussing at Mike. Does she appear under-nourished to you?

Franklin walks by, Jefferson on the gate

Pied Guinea

Pearl Guinea

a Pearl girl setting on a nest, in the bucks stall, and the bucks are in rut, so much commotion in there but the boys must not be bothering her too much


Tina said...

Love the picture.....lots of hay to be stacked....always tons of work isn't there?

Foothills Poultry said...

Duffy is going to have problems with frost bite with a comb like that.

Turkeys seem to be really bad about going where they think something interesting is.

I am raising a couple Black Copper Marans and Welsumers for the added color in my egg cartons. My last old Welsy gal died early this year, so I bought eggs from a friend in SC.


Melodie said...

Aren't those turkeys funny! Ours want to be with us all the time and our boys will rub their feathers off on the fence if we are out side trying to get closer to us! It is not safe for them to be out of their pasture,we have too many predators!

Mom L said...

The Pied Guinea is so fluffy underneath - do they all look like that, or is this one just fluffing up on purpose?

Nancy in Iowa

Kelly said...

Poor Sweet Pea, she is just wasting away. She looks like she is giving Mike an earfull. Love the animals. Do you guys live far off the road? I love the guineas but darn they love to be road kill.
Happy Fall

AJ-OAKS said...

Let Mike know when he is done with bucking hay at your place, he can come over and help here! :)
You should be ashamed of yourself with such skinny goats! Just look at them! They are all wasting away!! lol
Franklin is as handsome as ever.

Jennifer said...

I FINALLY got my high speed internet back, so as long as it keeps running I am hoping I will be able to visit my favorite blogs like yours a lot more often! (Dial-up just wouldn't load many of them)

They sure seemed to enjoy their pumpkins! I have only planted pumpkins once and got a HUGE vine, it took over the garden. I was just sure we were going to have pumpkins, but we never even got one off of it.

Lanny said...

Our turkeys seem to run the place as well, I thought it was because they think they are famous, having been to State Fair and all.

Love the needy goat!