Monday, September 13, 2010

Mountain State Fair Goat Show

Fall - I think it's the goats favorite time of year. The colorful leaves are like candy falling from heaven to them. Jill from Legacy's Ministock
Wish we had won a trophy at the Mountain State Fair Goat Show, hopefully one day. We certainly had a good time anyway, we always learn a lot and always come home from a show, after hanging out with experienced breeders like the Nelson's, and re-evaluate the herd. All of us breeders, no matter what level we're on, want to continue to improve our herds setting high standards for the Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat breed.

Still with one good eye, hope these photo's are in focus, I get the right eye done on Wednesday, can't wait to be cataract free and won't need to wear glasses (maybe some "readers").

on the right, a good friend, Logan Corn of Tonto's Barn

babies in one pen and Mama's in the other, so Mama's udders will fill up

If you're ever in this area, I highly recommend Acropolis Pizza. 15 of us Nigerian folks ate there for dinner Saturday night, good food.

Mama's and babies reunited


Becca's Dirt said...

Those are such sweet pics of the mommas and babies. I bet they are fun to watch.

Mom L said...

They look very grateful to be back together in the last photos!!!

I love just needing readers, and you will, too. Have you noticed any change in colors when you look out of your "new, good" eye? That was the first thing I noticed, that is, after I discovered I could read street signs!

Hey, Mike, get her rump down!!!

Nancy in Iowa

Flartus said...

I wondered if you were at that show. Miss Chef's (former) boss from Bosky Acres was there, though I don't think she brought any goats. Looks like a big, well-organized show.

Tina said...

looks like you tired those poor babies cute. To me they just look just perfect the way the are...but I really don't understand a thing about goats, other than they have the cutest faces and most prettiest eyes.

Alix said...


I've been AWOL on Blogger pretty much all summer and just posting briefly here and there. I was so thrilled to get your comment at Casa Hice today for two reasons...

First that you visited because you know how much I adore you. And second - even though I know you are never ever going to believe this because I still don't - your name suggestions for my kittens? Toots and Tebow? Those are the VERY SAME names I thought of and have been leaning toward! How surreal is that? Tebow, for obvious reasons, and Toots because of the little black kitten's adorable polka dots on her white mittens. Her feet are the greatest. Now that's just downright spooky. Great minds think alike, my friend, and I'm honored that mine thinks like yours.

We had better run out and buy lottery tickets immediately. This HAS to be a sign!

Carol said...

Good Luck next'll get one yet.

A blog by the "Farmer" said...

Beautiful, beautiful, and beautiful a hundred times over. Mike - you did a fabulous job and deserve all the awards!

The goats are just stunning.

Congratulations to you for all your hard work.


John Gray said...

send us a photo of all your awards at home.. bet they could fill a room of their own!

Chicken Boys said...

I guess they just don't know a good thing when they see it. Sorry. Better luck next year!