Friday, February 26, 2010

PappyBaby, 76", TheMirrorIncident

You want to see a baby picture of Pappy Jr?

We didn't have him then, but I found the photo online.

Gypsy Moon P Moon Fire (Pappy Jr)
Dam: Rosasharn FS Moonbeam
Sire: Rosasharn UP Papillon

we've had 76" of snow this winter with more coming this weekend

The wind had been howling all last night and today. This afternoon, I pulled into the grocery store parking lot, opened my pickup truck door, and wham, a big gust of wind slammed my door against the passenger-side mirror of a the big, clean and shiny, red, modern-looking pickup truck next to me. Yeah, the Dale-Earnhardt-embroidered-leather-jacket-clad guy was in his truck and if looks could kill. He sat there for a few moments like he was trying to contain himself; like he was trying to use the tools that he learned in anger-management class. I was mouthing and hand gesturing that I was terribly sorry. He slowly got out, looked at my rat-trap of a truck, and says to me, "you need to be careful." Now, remember the scenario, it's freezing cold outside, snow everywhere, winds are gusting, and I'm standing there while redneck NASCAR is fiddling with his mirror, which I can tell early on is just fine, it had just popped back, but he's all but getting out his magnifier to look for any nicks in the paint, any slight fractures in the mirror. I again apologize, and he again tells me I need to be careful, never acknowedging the howling winds, and acting like I'm some kind of reckless-driving-crazy woman. I say, "do you want me to call the police (so they can investigate this tragic accident)." Long pause as he fiddles, "weeell, let me see if it works from the inside." So he finally gets in his truck, and I can hear and see the mirror buzzing back and forth just fine. I start walking towards the store, trying to keep my balance because the wind is blowing so hard and I hear, "from now on, you need to be careful."


IsobelleGoLightly said...

I think he needs some nice goat feet and chicken poop on his shiney truck!

IsobelleGoLightly said...

And I meant to say....I think I am a little in love with Pappy. I do have a boyfriend in Iowa (Valentino) but he is Angora so I think it's OK to have another boyfriend that isn't an Angora.... kiss kiss kiss.

Louise said...

My! Pappy was a beautiful baby, who turned into a very handsome man. Guys and their vehicles, sigh. Especially, guys with Dale Earnhart (did I spell that right?) jackets on.

AJ-OAKS said...

Sorry but I am laughing at the guy in his shiny new truck. If he doesn't want his truck to get hit, then he should learn to park it way out in the back forty of the parking lot!! So there!! lol Love your comment about calling the police! Good one!!! ha ha

Anonymous said...

Love the way you tell a story. Good call on calling the police...LOL
That jerks Karma will catch up with him. He will NOT be careful and somehow take his own mirror off.
Only if you could be around to let him know he really should be careful....LOL
Pappy is very handsome!

Melodie said...

What a jerk!I would say jack @$#,but that is an insult to Bonnie and Clyde my cute donkeys! Love that Pappy!

Flartus said...

Pappy sure was a cute kidlet...the second picture looks like he's laughing at you. Silly goat.

I have to admit I mock drivers of big, shiny pickups that they obviously don't need. If they needed it, it would be dirty.

Maybe you should have pretended the wind blew you right out of your truck, landed on the ground, and started hollering at the top of your lungs about concussions and such. Then maybe Mr. Redneck might have remembered the manners his Mama (hopefully) taught him.

Ah well, he probably eats grocery-store eggs, too. Heathen.

Anonymous said...

Hope he treats the other things in his life as nicely as he treats his truck. Jerk.

Love the pics of Pappy. He's awesome.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

I think he might live down the road from me!!....LOL

great baby picture and remember "be careful out there"

Stay warm.....lindaMay

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Pappy has one magnificent beard! My husband would be SO envious...he keeps hoping that Pete (our ND goat wether) is going to have a beard like that, but I keep telling him, it's not likely without that massive influx of goat boy testosterone! lol
And what a jack@$$ to treat you like that! Grrrr....
I hope you were able to blow it off afterwards and not stress over it (like I probably would have) :-)

Anonymous said...

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Mom L said...

Oh, boy - someone needs to let loose a shopping cart in the direction of his big, fancy, shiny truck! Hey, guy, it's just a thing!!! And I've had my door torn away from me in a blast of wind - it's so sudden there's nothing you can do. You handled yourself beautifully, for a careless female! ;)

OK, he's behind you now. Let's just chat about handsome Pappy - he would never treat you that way!

Nancy in Iowa

Foothills Poultry said...

By the time I left Boone my truck was covered in small scatches and nicks. That is the price of living in/around a college town.

I put a small dent in the driver's door at a gas pump. The wind grabbed the door and it sling wide right into the pump. It happens.

If he wants a nice shiny truck to stay thar way he should park it and keep it covered. Otherwise life happens.


flowerweaver said...

One day this man will learn there is so much more to life than worrying about his shiny truck! Pappy is a darling!

Jennifer said...

Oh people like that are just ridiculous! So worried about some material possession. I have hauled hay in my car (1 bale)I ain't worried about it. As long as it runs good and gets me where I need to go. Pappy is so cute! You have the market cornered on adorable goats over there! :)

Martha said...

I was so taken with Pappy's beard I posted a picture of him and Mil Dud at