Sunday, February 28, 2010

baked spaghetti, bucks, video

baked spaghetti

Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

June, TootleLu, Gabbi, Cali, Clara, Sundance, SweetPea



Mary Humphrey said...

Baked spahetti sounds very good today. With some garlic bread.

My goats think they are too precious to leave the barn and walk in the snow. I love seeing goats in the snow, like yours.

Will we see spring again Joanna?

Melodie said...

It seems like you all have had such a terrible winter,I know you must be ready for spring! Love those goaties!

Jennifer said...

That baked spaghetti looks delicious, now I am hungry! I loved the pictures of your goats. You have got quite the nice herd built up now. I think Nigerian dwarf goats are just too cute, I love them.

John Gray said...

whats baked spaghetti?

Tammy said...

Can't believe that you have had that much snow this year! Is that typical for your area? Do you have a recipe for the baked spaghetti--it looks very good, but I'm not familiar with it.

AJ-OAKS said...

Your goats are sooooo cute! Yum, baked spaghetti. I am pretty sure I could smell how wonderful it was! lol Hang in there, Spring will get there before you know it. Oh, love that chicken pic in the background behind that delicious baked spaghetti

John Gray said...

what IS baked spaghetti??? I ask again........? is it a pasta bake?

Callie said...

I never heard of baked spaghetti, but it sure sounds good. Nice to have food around for a few days.

Those are some handsome goats!

Thanks for the snowy trip down the road.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the videos! Spring ... ugh. At least we get to set the clocks back in 11 days. (Or so. I'm guessing.) I'll have to occupy myself with starting seeds inside for the next two months though. And even then, I can't start for a few weeks. C'mon spring!

Anonymous said...

The baked spaghetti looks good!
When we had our 1 snow here, the goats didn't even want to come out of the barn. They didn't know what to think of their first snow.
It is pretty but I am glad to see it gone the next day.

Loved your video and the pictures of June, TootleLu, Gabbi, Cali, Clara, Sundance, SweetPea and Cahoot.
Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Cannot believe how much snow you still have there! We had none on the ground yesterday and received an inch or two today.

The Blue Ridge Gal
Roanoke, VA