Tuesday, March 2, 2010

sss... Sedalia, Spaghetti, Snowing

Guess what I (and I volunteered Mike) am considering doing? Going to Goat Judging School! My parents would be so proud that I'm furthering my education, (they always said that I just needed to apply myself). The problem is: Sedelia, Missouri is a 14 hrs drive away from here.

I looked into flying but:
a) drive to Greensboro, NC airport 2 1/2 hrs from here,
b) for security reasons you have to get there waaay early,
c) no straight flights, have to go by way of Dallas/Fort Worth and change terminals, been there done that, not too fun,
d) fly to Kansas City because that's the closest airport to Sedalia,
e) rent a car and drive 125 miles to Sedalia,
f) by the time I did all that, I may as well have driven the 14hrs from here,
g) I hate long road trips so I'm pondering,
h) Who's going to take care of the farm back home?

The 2010 AGS National Show and Convention will be held in Sedalia, MO the week of June 8-12, 2010. Come join us for some fun, learning & great times!

Here are just some of the great events we have planned!

* All Breed Youth Show

* National-Senior, Junior & Buck Shows for all breeds

* Judges Training Seminar

* DHI Tester Training

* Fabulous Youth Events

* Raffle, Door Prizes, Membership Meeting & Dinner *************************************************
Baked Spaghetti

I had some questions about the recipe. Online, you can find many various versions but here's what I do.
large amount of the marinara, meat, mushroom sauce that I have prepared and seasoned ahead of time
large can of diced tomatoes (with the Italian seasonings)
frozen broccoli florets
8 oz. thin spaghetti, broken, cooked and drained (I only do thin)
shredded mozzarella cheese
grated Parmesan cheese (get the good stuff)
(some people just mix it all up but I layer)
in the bottom of the oiled pan, sprinkle with garlic powder
thin layer of the sauce
1/2 of noodles
thick layer of ricotta cheese
other 1/2 of noodles
beat 3 eggs and pour on top
sprinkle some mozzarella
layer with the diced tomatoes
thick coating of the my "mmm" sauce
thick layer of the cheeses on the top
lay a few frozen broccoli florets on top

bake at 375 degrees for 40 minutes.
still singing the same tune, it's snowing and it forecasted for the next few days.
you can watch live streaming of heavy snow falling at SkiSugar
turn off popup blocker, right-click to zoom on the video screen


Tammy said...

Thanks for the recipe. I may give it a try this week. Sedalia is about 50 miles from where I live! Fourteen hours is a long trip, but if you can get someone trust worthy to watch the critters, it'd probably be a nice break for you all.

Flartus said...

Oh man, I thought, here's a chance for Miss Chef and me to take that long weekend in the mountains we've been talking about, get in some farm experience, and help a friend out!

But that'll be the final week for classes next quarter...still, I would have loved to have helped you out, and met Franklin, Sweet Pea, and the most handsome rooster out there. Would be a nice change of pace from the office grind!

I know how you feel about that 14-hour drive. Are there any interesting places to stop and see on the way?

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Snowing like crazy here, too!!

Last night the male child and i tryed a mushroom/bacon topping on some angel hair pasta.....yumm-o!!

Got the recipe from the Pioneer Woman's Tasty Kitchen.....

Stay safe and warm....LindaMay

AJ-OAKS said...

It sounds like you really want to go to Sedalia. 14 hours is a long drive! But you can entertain yourself along the way. Think of all the things you can tell us on your blog! Goat judging huh? Go for it! The snow will eventually stop. Really it will. Going to try your spaghetti recipe. Sounds a lot like like my Poor Man's Lasagna.

Claire said...

OH! I went to Sedalia once, for an animal show. That's where I got my first three pygmy goats! It's about 5 hours from me I think. Feel free to visit if you go through Iowa!!

Melodie said...

That school sounds fun! The Boy would love it,but it is too far away for us with no one to goat sit!

rocking-m said...

Would love to do the school with you!

Shelley said...

That school sounds fun - I bet you wish it was a little closer! And that spaghetti recipe sounds great!!