Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blogger Award

I'm accepting this award from two gals who have done a lot of work for rescue animals. If you regularly don't visit their blogs please stop by for a visit and give 'em a pat on the back. I'm to say 10 things about myself.

1) I love all creatures and critters. Sure, if something startles me, I'm sorta scared, but otherwise I can physically handle snakes, spiders, rats, whatever.
2) I have a desire to be a wilderness survivalist. I wish people would say about me, "Oh if Joanna goes into the woods, you'll never find her unless she wants to be found." Or I'd like to be a Julia Butterfly Hill-type. Did you ever read?
3) I want (and for #2 to be able to possible) my 53 yr old brain, and a 23 yr old, smoking-hot body.
4) Jackie Clay has been a great influence in my life.
5) The secret to my successful marriage - Mike is a pushover.
6) Clara, our pregnant, due to deliver anytime now doe, says she wants Mike and I to stay out of her business, so we are now trying to respect her wishes.
7) Our TV is mostly on the Western channel. Remember when Burt Reynolds was a regular on Gunsmoke playing a half breed?
8) I've only lived in North Carolina. Mike has only lived in Boone, North Carolina.
9) I believe in the death penalty and I could be the one to flip the switch on the animal abusers (of course animal abusers will never get the death penalty, they rarely get sentenced to any jail time).
10) I feel the most close to my GOD when I am among my animals.


Mary Humphrey said...

I like this post, Joanna.

I always say there are two things that break my heart, animal abusers and children abusers.

#10 especially hits home with me.

Melodie said...

OH yeah! #3 is the one I want too!

AJ-OAKS said...

Great post! And thank you. Ah, old Westerns! I still watch Bonanza every now and then. My fav was always Hoss.
Oh, and personally I think if public hangings were brought back it might deter crime! I'm no talking a lynch party, but for those that admit to the crime and are guilty. Anyone who abuses an animal or a child would be on my list. As well as murderes and rapists. Oh, did I just say that our loud!! :)

thecrazysheeplady said...

I usually find these lists kind of dull, but as always on your blog, fun! I would not have picked you as a back to the woods sort. Cool!

Alix said...


Oh I love you Joanna. And I'm right there flipping the switch with you darling. Then we'll have lunch. K?

IsobelleGoLightly said...

Congratulations to you on a beautiful blog!!

Nancy K. said...

You are a fascinating Lady.
And I mean that in the MOST complimentary way...