Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Atlanta and GoatMoat

Coming back from Alabama, ROLL TIDE ROLL and all that,

Q. - If two BAMA football players are in the same car, who's driving?
A. - The cops!
Miss Atlanta was looking good yesterday in all her glory.

Whew, sure have to fly through that town in hopes not to get run over, the Goat Moat barreled through, felt like I was on the last laps at Charlotte MotorSpeedWay.

Going at a high rate of speed, I'm adjusting my glasses, mumbling, "that can't be a hen sitting on a nest?" Mike quipped, "in Atlanta? It's the Olympic flame!"


They have rows and rows of all sorts of horse trailers, wish I'd had time to nose around awhile.

I told 'em when a big bag of money fell out of the sky I'd be back but, truth be known, these are actually too fancy for me. The living quarters just don't look like me. We're talkin' $100,000 for a horse trailer y'all.

The Goat Moat looks like me.

MOAT - a channel resembling a moat (as about a seamount or for confinement of animals in a zoo). So, I'm now calling it the the GOAT MOAT - no water, but got a better ring to it (I know - its a stretch).

Give me a little time to do some "interior decoratin'." I want some goat curtains.


Tammy said...

Glad you made it through the big city okay! I 'cackled' about the 'hen on the nest' comment. Looks like one to me too, but I guess it's all in what we are used to. Love your goat moat.

Anonymous said...

Very nice Goatmoat. If you find goat curtains or material let me know. I have been looking everywhere for anything with goats on it and cannot find.

I drove on the same hwy in Atlanta once. I think I did about 85 all the way just so I would not block traffic...White knuckle all the way....

Flartus said...

Looks even better in "person." Can't wait to see your goat curtains. I assumed Goat Moat was short for "Goat Motel," so there's another reason for the name.

Teesa said...

We just came home from ATL Sunday night. Traffic there is unbelievable and the drivers are nuts!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

I think your sweet goat moat has way more charm and character than any of those $100k beasts. Can't wait to see your goat curtains! :-)

Holly said...

The goats would be afraid to poo in one of those high dollar trailers. Oh maybe that wouldn't be such a bad thing. Anyway, yours is much more suited to goats and the price doesn't put you in the poor farm for years to come.

Louise said...

Sweet GoatMoat. It will serve you much better than all of those fancy ones that cost big bucks. Glad you made it home safely. Atlanta sounds more than a little scary to drive in.

goatgirl said...

Oh I love that Goat Moat. Great find!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Some goat curtains and a goat clock :-D.

Melodie said...

Your trailer looks terrific! I would like to find some goat material too...can't imagine why i haven't seen any yet...there is a whole goat people market out there!

Alix said...

You crack me up. LOVE the Goat Moat and am seriously looking forward to the goat curtains.

It's a good thing you don't live in Jacksonville, Joanna. I would totally be keeping your from your chores and constantly coming over uninvited with a bottle of chardonnay.

Or Chianti.

Or both.

Your choice.

Nekkid Chicken said...

MAN, I miss Bama and my folks. But, I will stay parked with my sweetie in TE---JAS.

Those trailors cost more than my property, dang. Who knew?

And at least you are not driving through Big D or Houston. EEKES

AJ-OAKS said...

Love the name Goat Moat! And as for those spendy trailers. Heck, give me one like yours anytime. Those fancy ones, well, you'd just be afraid of getting them all dirty. Besides, red is my fav color. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the interior.

Mom L said...

Wow - and here I've been claiming to all that I don't miss Atlanta except for friends. The first look at your highway photo and I was mesmerized! I lived there from '73 until 7 months ago, with a 5 year gap for another life in MD. I was one of those flying drivers - and yes, that is self defense! After being here in this lovely rural town I'm not sure how I'll feel about driving in insane traffic again!

Nancy in Iowa

Mary Humphrey said...

Love your Goat Moat. It looks fine to me too. Better than those fancy ones.

I, too, want to see your goat curtains.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

The chicken in a nest...bwahaha! It really does look like that, too! lol!
Atlanta is a nut house. Too fast for this country gal!

Congrats on getting Goat Moat home. Have fun enjoying it!