Wednesday, February 17, 2010

SnowDaySnowPay, video, bacon & eggs candy

New hen - I bought her yesterday at the hardware store, she was just too irresistible.

EGGS - Holding a fresh egg in my hand is like having a religious experience. GOD really created works of art here. I love everything about eggs, where they come from, the sunny yokes, against the whites, to the speckled and colored shells. I've been asked if I'm afraid of the cholesterol content. I don't believe, don't want to believe, that egg consumption leads to heart disease. Swallowing a fresh egg is my cummunion.

Now in the stores, because Easter is the next big retail holiday, all sorts of egg goodies are on the shelves. I buy up everything EGG and give 'em as presents throughout the year.

This sounds like a cute recipe:
Bacon and Eggs Candy

Small pretzel sticks
White chocolate
Yellow M&M's (I'll use orange M&M's to represent my fresh eggs)

Lay 3 pretzel sticks side by side.
Put a teaspoon or so of melted white chocolate in center to hold pretzels together and form the "egg yolk".
Place a yellow M&M in center of chocolate for yolk.
Let harden at room temp.
Today, I've got to make a new batch of the "recipe"
Hot Chocolate
4 cups dried milk
2 cups sugar/Splenda
1 cup non-dairy coffee creamer
3/4 cup cocoa
1 package instant chocolate pudding

I put a hefty scoop in the bottom of my XL mug, add some cold milk, stir, then fill the mug with boiling water, stirring again.
There's a little bird in the house, on the kitchen counter picking at crumbs, I'll let him stay for awhile, eat a belly full and get warm.
I hope all this wintery weather is killing bunches of bugs.


jaz@octoberfarm said...

these are so clever and cute. i too love eggs. i like the way they feel and every thing else about them.

Melodie said...

I think all 'true farm girl hearts" feel that way about fresh eggs! It is like the princess and the pea thing,you can use it to tell a real farm girl from a fake! Love that bacon and egg candy!

melanie said...

Have to make some of that candy! Too cute!

Chicken Boys said...

Thought I commented earlier...guess it didn't post! Wanted to say I ove the hen. Is that your barn! Glad our snow is gone. Mid 50's by the weekend! Yeah!

lisa said...

Oh the chicken is adorable... as for eggs I don't believe they are bad for you...I think it is all the chemicals and such they put in our foods that cause all the problems..When I eat eggs that aren't organic my stomach is in knots..if I eat organic eggs nothing happens.. The candy is cute..Lisa

Shelley said...

I love that barn photo! ANd I'm w/ you on the eggs! I just made a great swiss cheese & onion quiche the other day - yum! And that bacon & eggs candy looks so cute!

Kelly or Alex said...

I agree with you. Eggs are the perfect creation. They even come pre packaged. After having our own hens I dislike store bought eggs. I think they taste bland, unegglike, if that is a word. I love your hen. She looks great on the counter and the candy is great. I will try it and send it to my granddaughter.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

What cute bacon and eggs treats! Very clever!
I love eggs, too! We just ate a huge dinner of egg burritos for dinner tonight. I eat eggs for any meal, including snacks! Mmmm!

I'm amazed that you found that sweet hen decoration in your local hardware store. I want one, too! Nothing like that can be found in our hardware stores around here.....just hardware. hehe!

The red rustic barn looks so pretty against the white of the falling snow. We've been having some dusting of snow at night, but our temps are up into the 50's during the day so it doesn't last.
We've still got about 5-6" on the ground from our last snow, though.

I was nodding my head about what you said about how folks below your mountains don't have any snow. Same here. If I tell someone down in Albuquerque that were all socked in from a foot of snow up here, they just can't understand how that's possible when they don't have any snow at all. lol!
But we're above 7,000ft elevation, while they are down below 3,000ft elevation.

Ummmm, question: In the video was that a port-a-pottie/outhouse I saw outside? You do have indoor plumbing, right? eeek! I'd be worried my tushie might freeze if I had to use the pottie outside. lol!


AJ-OAKS said...

Love, love the video. How old is the barn? Is that a porta potty in the background? Did you stay in your pajama's all day? With you about the eggs. A perfect food. Comes in its on wrapper! :)

Domestic Goddess said...

HI, I love eggs and appreciate every chick I've got. Fresh eggs from free chickens have less Cholestorol than store eggs, according to Mother Earth News and they are higher in Omega3's because they eat all sorts of stuff.

John Gray said...

i absolutely LOVE that barn, its beautifull
how old is it????