Sunday, April 18, 2010

planting, paint, pushy Pixie

A few seeds I've picked up, however, tater planting time up here in the hills.

Using some fabric paint, I wrote our goats names [past and present] on the trailer tire. Don't know if the paint will hold up on the heavy-polyester (not sure what it's made of really) cover.

Bought and planted a couple of blackberry bushes. 'Round here, with goats, chickens, and turkeys, we try to protect "store-bought" plants from getting eaten.

Bordy sunning

Clarence, Chamonix, Beau, Pixie

Pixie is pushy,

head strong,
and domineering - my kinda girl!

MommieBird has three babies.

Sally, Bourbon Red, is still sitting on her one egg.


Flartus said...

I knew from that first picture you posted of Pixie that she was gonna be a character. Wonder if she'll ever meet her match?

You are gonna love them berries, if you can keep the animals away long enough to get any! We've got 2 bushes we planted last year that are starting to open up a good number of flowers. Don't know if I can wait for harvest time!

DebH said...

Gosh, I love your Blog!! You just show it all Just Right!!

Melodie said...

Goodness those babies are growing fast! That Pixie,she is a rooter-tooter for sure! The cute girls can always get away with it,lol!Looks like you all are ready to go in to high gear for spring planting!

Mahala said...

You are optimistic indeed to proceed with planting before the middle of May!!!Hope you'll be selling some of those berries at the market this Summer.

Anonymous said...

Love all the pictures.

I purchased several of the Navajo Thornless Blackberries last year and they produce really big berries. Excellent tasting also.
You will get berries this year. I had at least 15 off of every new little plant I bought last year.

Anonymous said...

Go Pixie! Give em hell, Girl!!

ME said...

Love the sunbathing goat...too cute...and cute is she?

Anonymous said...

Seed planting! That is what we have been up to around here for days.
I was late on planting taters but I have them planted anyways. I hope they will make before it gets so hot here.

I love that picture of Bordy sunning. That is so cute.
They all are growing so fast.

Have a great day.

Mom L said...

Pixie really is impish, just like her perfect name. Since I don't get to plant anything I can admit my ignorance - I didn't know they produced thornless berries!!! I loved picking blackberries when I was hiking, but always had the wild scratches to go with it.

Nancy in Iowa

Chicken Boys said...

You've got too many kids. I'm coming to get a few.

Alix said...

Why do your animal photos always make me feel so happy? I LOVE the frisky little goat babies prancing in the warm sunshine. Glorious!

But on the wheel cover... Where's Nougat's name? I thought of him immediately. Poor little guy.

PS: Send me some blackberries please. God knows I can't grow squat.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

The photo of all the kids on the hill is so cute!

It's funny that you go out and buy blackberry bushes when so many folks, especially in the PNW try to kill them off because they grow like weeds. lol!

You're going to enjoy when you get enough blackberries to make jam. yumm!

How cute that your hen has 3 babies, too. My Japanese Silky has gone broody again and I've given her 3 eggs to sit on.
I can't wait to see your turkey hen's little chick!

So are you going to have room on that tire cover for all the new babies that will be born in the future?


AJ-OAKS said...

Awww, Mommiebird has babies. How cute!
Had to laugh at the planting of the blackberries. Around here blackberry bushes grow everywhere and when it is picking season you see cars lined up alongside the roads with people holding their buckets filling them up with blackberries.
Love the names on the wheel cover. Very clever.

Granny J said...

Your pictures always bring a smile to my face. I love the pictures of the baby goats declaring their independence.

Holly said...

Don't you just love spring with its host of new beginnings? I can't wait to get in my garden but the last few days has been rain, rain, rain. How I want someday for one of my hens to set on eggs but alas, no one volunteers despite being of the proper breed.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

I *love* all the names on the wheel cover. Adorable!!
You have so much going on at your place - it's wonderful. :-)