Saturday, May 4, 2013

little girl lost, planting seeds,

Happy ending but last night 5/3/13, 4-day old Bouquet added some gray hairs to our heads. Friday 5:45PM, I had Bouquet and Rhudolf outside while I was doing chores. Mike was still at work. A friend came over and I didn't pay attention to my babysitting duties for approx 30 minutes. The does, including Bouquet's Mama, went a long ways out from the barn to go picking. I returned to babysitting duties and realized Bouquet was missing. PANIC! To make an all-night long story short, Bouquet spent a cool, windy night out in the woods by herself. Mike woke me up at 6AM Saturday, hollering that he and Mama Rhubi had found Bouquet and she was fine! I couldn't believe she could have survived predators and 40 degree temps deep in the woods.

Bouquet is prancing around today like she fully expects Mike, me, and Mama Rhubi to always bail her out when she gets into trouble.

Aren't these the sweetest eyes you've ever seen?
I started some seedlings this afternoon.

Also, this afternoon, we went for a walk, minus Bouquet and Rhudolf.

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