Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday Goat Adventure

Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

We deaparted home at 8:15AM and returned at 6PM, after lots of fun. Has been pouring rain all day here, soon after our arrival this evening, we lost electricity, got it back at 9PM. Temps in the 40's and flooding conditions continue.

I didn't take very good photo's today, maybe it was the wet weather.
First stop, in Taylorsville, NC.  Mike disbudded a couple of bucklings, we visted with all their goats especially BooneDocksWilcox Black Dahlia and Tulula. 

Then, LeeAnn, Audrey, Mike and I departed for  in Indian Trail, NC

Returning home, Bouquet hadn't escaped into the wild.
Read prior post. 

Getting the new girls settled in. Lisa of  is allowing us to lease three of her goats:  Sandstorm and two of his daughters  
who is pregnant and due on 5/29/13. 
and we're thrilled to have them at

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