Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cassie Vet Checkup

I thought Cassie's udder felt a little hard but my Vet said she thought the udder felt great. OK, so I'm a worry wart. Cassie got a BoSe shot and a fecal check. Our Vet gave Cassie a clean bill of health.
Funny - Mike put Cassie in car but I didn't know he put the babies in the car. In fact, as I was walking out of the house, I said, "Cassie is gonna be hollering for her babies all the way to Mountain City and back" but he didn't say anything. Cassie was so quiet all the way there and I couldn't believe it. Got to the Vet's, Vet came out to the car, I opened up the back, and SURPRISE! so that's way Cassie behaved all the way over. Nobody made a peep.

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Charlotte Crawley said...

Beautiful kids. Your husband sounds rather clever.