Sunday, December 6, 2009

puffed pastry, ASU won!, dehumidifier

I baked Paula Deen's Spinach Gruyere Puff Pastry pretty good, and easy. However, I may want to add some feta cheese to the top or inside next time, I love the spinach/feta combo. OR, when my girls are in milk again next Spring, I'll add some of my own goat cheese to it.
Appalachian_State_University football won, sure looked like they were going to lose though, finally pulled the win out, now they go to Montana and play the Grizzly Bears on Saturday afternoon.

We just moved to these 30 acres in May 2009, this will be our first winter here.
We bought a portable Frigidaire 70-Pint Dehumidifier. We've been researching them for awhile now. A dehumidifier takes moisture out of the air by sucking in moist air on one side, moving that air over some ice cold tubes that causes the moisture to collect on these tubes and then drip into a bucket or tube, and pushing the dry air out the other. This dry air then mixes with the moist air making it a little drier, which in turn is pulled into the unit to become drier over and over again. The air feels light like when A/C is running.

It's amazing, within a few hours, we watched the indoor humidity levels go down and the temp go up. Will cost us some extra electricity to run the dehumidifier but maybe won't have to use as much propane. It's easier to heat dry air, than air with moisture and you want to keep the humidity at 50% or just below at home, because mold will not grow below 50%. I am a mold/mildew snob, if I walk in somewhere and it smells musty, I just want to cover my nose and walk out. I don't want to take any chances while living here in the 5th-wheel RV. The roof and built-on heated sunroom (the luxurious doghouse) have helped keep us insulated though.
Last night, we passed a winter test, was snowy and temps dropped to 20 degrees, but all was well this morning, Mike has done a good job at winterizing us, we were warm and water was running just fine this morning.
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Alix said...

Go ASU! So glad you are celebrating your victory. As for the Paula Deen pastries... those look awesome. Are they difficult? Usually her stuff is very doable. Maybe I'll make them for Christmas.

Kiss Franklin for me.

♥ Alix

Melodie said...

Those pastries look yummy,I love spinach too!
I have thought about a dehumidifier here for the summer time.Of course it would probably have to be industrial size to get rid of the humidity here!

thecrazysheeplady said...

We run a dehumidifier in the basement, but to be perfectly honest, I had no clue how one worked. You find out the most interesting stuff on blogs ;-). Thanks :-D.

John Gray said...

interesting about the humidifier...I think that we need one in out 300 year cottage!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

No need for dehumidifiers here in New Mexico. We have to add moisture back to our air our we'll all end up dehydrated like raisins just from breathing in the dryness. lol!

One thing people are surprised with here is the lack of ssimming pools. Yes we can get temps into the 90's during the summer, but with no humidity, stepping out of a pool means freezing even in August as the water is whisked off your skin faster than you can try to find a towel to get warm. lol!

The pastries look good. I'm not a feta fan, but the goat cheese sounds yummy!