Monday, May 9, 2011

Milkstands for Sale

Brunello and O'Pea

We have hens hatching biddies, more photo's to come.

GingerBreadGirl, who won her 4yr-old milking class last month in South Carolina. Look at that gorgeous udder!

Over at SpringLakeFarm, Mike, Anthony, and Don.

Now, for the milkstands. For $80 apiece, Don is constructing very-sturdy stanchions for standard-size goats and dwarves. Don petting one of his Nubian girls.


Connie said...


I am also from the Apl. Mtns of NC between Asheville and Boone. Would like to make new farming friends as I am just starting my farm. If you would like to be email buddies my email is below.

Thank You,

Connie C

John Gray said...

advice needed see blog

Holly said...

I love the first photo of Bruenella and O'Pea, so adorable. Our youngest grand daughter asks her mother about Gramndma's baby goats every night before she goes to sleep. The next morning when she arrives, that's where she wants to go, to see the goats, smart girl. Nice udder and congradulations on the win.