Thursday, June 16, 2011

Merlot, Moose, and Tulip due

New buckling, Merlot. See how naturally uphill he is, the judges love that.

We have two new buckings, Moose and Merlot.

Livestock-guardian dog, JackBadger, not quite 5 months old.

 Looking back at our house and barn.

JackBadger and BarbaraJean.

Our barn is divided into 3 sections - does, buckings, and bucks.


Mike checking on the blackbery patch, he says it will be another 2 or 3weeks until they're ready.

Rhode-Island-Red hen has some babies.

Tulip is due this Saturday June 18th, can't wait.


Mary Ann said...

Oh my goodness, Tulip is as WIDE AS A HOUSE! JackBadger is getting to be a handsome dog, and the two new bucklings are very nice, too!

Tree Hugger said...

Poor Tulip!!
That 2nd to the last picture was painful to look at!! She must have triplets in her belly!!

Flartus said...

Wow, Jack is looking less like a puppy and more like a dog.

Can't wait to see how many Tulip unloads. Phew!!

Louise said...

Your two pups are becoming dogs. They are lovely, as are your goats. What happy, healthy looking critters.

DebH said...

Tulip is enormous!! And look at all that milk! Your pups are growing like weeds and Jack Badger really is handsome with the mask. Appears that his mask is there to stay. Our Atticus's mask has faded pretty much, but its still darker around his head.
I want to tell you THANK YOU for that long ago post on the milker you use. IT WORKS WONDERFULLY!!
I used it for the first time last evening and I had a quart of milk in minutes. I still need to read up on exactly how to use it as it didn't really have much info on that, but I was in such a hurry to try...I just did! Wondering what the numbers are for on the dial? I played with it while milking but didn't really notice a difference. I know this will help me with chores and also the person who helps me on occassion will love this handy tool. THANK YOU!!