Sunday, January 22, 2012

goats and rug hooking

Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

SweetPea, Cherry, Tulip, Marigold

Last year, we sold Gabbi (black, SweetPea's daughter) and Pansy (black and white, Tulip's daughter) to a family but the family had health issues to arise, and in the best interests of the goats, the family felt the 4 goats (including Pappy and Beau) should come back to us.  Also, they said that Gabbi never seemed to adjust there. She never was content to go out and just "pick" at her new home.  She's back to her ole self here. 

See the front width on Tulip? Dairy goat judges love it.
The last 2 years, Tulip has kidded with quads,
she is due approx April 1st.

Haven't bred Cali this year yet. She produces beautiful bucks but has never given us a doeling. We'll breed her approx April 1st for Fall Fairs, of course, I want a red girl just like her.

BarbaraJean had to get in the picture.

Did I tell ya I knitted myself a scarf? WaLa! very warm.

Haven't finished this hook rug yet because it has outgrown the hoop, and very thick, I need one of those expensive stands.

Started a new one.
I've found out that I don't like to rug hook heads or letters.
This head is awful, I spent hours on it, but will
have to tear it out and try again.
One good thing about rug hooking,
you can rip out a section you don't
like and start over.

Below are idea's for future hooked rugs.
I want to do the layered mountain look.
We live in the Blue Ridge Mountains,
and this is our visual around here.
Think I need different shades of blue.
Stay tuned.


Charlotte said...

I've not tried rug hooking. You do have a lot of visual inspiration! Beautiful views.

Poppy said...

I've wanted to try rug hooking since I worked with a man who made the most beautiful rugs. I can't wait to see your future creations!

Have a great week!


C and C Antiques and Animals - What a Life! said...

So glad the family thought to give your goats back to you.

Great ideas for future run hooking.