Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hallie & Holstein, wethers, Black-Copper Marans

Has been a few days since I took this photo below, but didn't want to forget to put it on my blog. Hallie hopped in Holstein's arms every night. Actually, Holstein has now moved to a new home with one of my goat buddies, Kori Connor, in Tuxedo, NC. See Holstein here:    

We have 4 Cuckoo Marans hens,
a guinea hen,
 and a turkey hen
that's broody,
so more babies will be arriving.

Never have had a guinea hen hatch
keets before, so keep your fingers crossed.

I heart Ruthie.

Today, we brought home
5 of our once-owned goats.
4 of 'em are in this photo. 


DebH said...

Happy Mothers Day Joanne! I love your photos and looks like you got lots of enjoyment for you Mothers day with hugging on all those critters! Your Ruthie is a doll!

KATE EVANS said...

I just love all these pictures of your world! Especially the ones where species are mixin' it up!