Sunday, August 26, 2012

BarbaraJean on the mend

Early Friday AM, I drove BarbaraJean to our Vets main office in Abington VA and dropped her off. Tests were run, no broken bones however BJ's right front leg just dangles from possible nerve damage. Hopefully, in 4 to 6 weeks, she'll begin to use the leg again. BJ's breathing had been labored, and the Vet was giving her medication for lung contusions. BJ went through 4 bags of fluids, pain meds, steroids, etc. She's banged up and heavily bruised in places.

On Saturday, Mike and I arrived in Abington at 12:30PM. BJ looked so pitiful but apparently she was ready to come home with us. We checked on BJ in the Xray room where they had her, but the Vet said for us to come up front to review the meds we were taking home, as we were up front discussing, Dr. Britt thought she heard something, we walked into the hall, and BJ was slowly coming up the hall on three legs after she has peed and had diarrhea in the floor.

BarbaraJean started drinking a little water while at the Vets Office but would not eat.  We got her home and she still refused to eat. Finally, this afternoon [Sunday] we got her to eat some chicken and Vienna Sausages.  Now, instead of forcing pills down her throat, we can hide the pills in the sausages.

As BarbaraJean is mending, she just sleeps a lot. JackBadger just doesn't understand why BJ won't get up and play. Sometimes he comes over and paws at her and she growls at him.
Changing the subject, this is the food that we feed our 4 dogs. It does cost more but read the ingredients below.

Chili is the only girl and doesn't appreciate the 3 boys shunnning her, especially her brother, Ancho.


melanie said...

Go, BJ!

Dot said...

So happy! I was afraid we would hear the worst. Good news to start the week! Love to BJ!

Mary Ann said...

BJ looks tuckered out. Continued prayers for her full recovery! I hope you can cope. Goat pictures good as usual!