Monday, September 3, 2012

We eat lots of vegetable soup.

often and in large quantities.

I don't like any packaged chicken broth that I have tried and I rarely have real chicken broth available. For my soup base, I like chicken bouillon, a little molasses, herbs, seasonings, salt and pepper.  Then, I add whatever veggies I have. The more variety I have, the fresher they are, the better I like it, every spoonful being a surprise.

potatoes (love me some potatoes)
frozen fordhork beans
canned cannelloni beans
canned dark red kidney beans
(cannelloni and kidney beans go in after the soup is done)
creamed corn
frozen peas
cauliflower (in my opinion, a key ingredient for soups)
I don't care for pasta or meat in my soup.  Store-bought meat is just awful to me now, tasteless and odd textures.

I bring the soup to a boil, as soon as the potatoes are done, the soup is done, no long cooking times, the soup is done in just a few minutes.
Look very close for the very young keets (guinea babies).  Mike thinks there is about 30 of 'em. Unlike in chickens and turkeys, guinea's keep several guards around the babies at all times.  Unfortunately, some will still go missing.
BarbaraJean is getting around awkwardly on three legs, no signs of using the leg with nerve damage but we keep hoping she can use it again.


Kate Evans said...

Yum, I want some of that soup!

Julia said...

That soups looks yummy!

Those keets are adorable!