Saturday, June 15, 2013

Soapmaking Class at FLG Farms

Four of us gals - Cynthia, Sandy of, Claudia, and (me) Joanna of  took a SoapMaking class taught by Lee Ann of  .  Can you say - saponification?
Lee Ann made this several-page handout and we reviewed the basics.
At this point, we broke for lunch and I forgot to take any photo's of our potluck plus Lee Ann had made goats-milk ice cream and goats-milk cajeta  If you tasted this delicacy, you'd understand why I forgot to take pictures.  Can you pronounce Cajeta? kah-Heh-tah
After lunch, we started the soap recipe. If interested, check out 

Vanilla-Lavender Goats-Milk Soap. The aroma was wonderful and we got to bring home our labors. Our bars have to cure though for 4-6 weeks BUT I purchased a cured bar to bring home.

The soap with the doe in-milk is my favorite,
this is the one I brought home.
The benefits of using goats-milk soap:
Lee Ann uses and sells  products. Previously, I had purchased mushrooms and butter. Today, I brought home two large cans of cauliflower.
Cynthia and Claudia were all smiles during the FLG Farm tour.

Tulula and her sister Dahlia, came from BooneDocksWilcox.
The goats sensed that Claudia was an animal lover.
We were impressed by Audrey's trophy.
A pretty flower on a pretty girl.


Sandy said...

What a fun day! Lee Ann did such an awesome job. Joanna - Thank you for organizing this awesome outing!

Dot said...

Wonderful post! Thanks for sharing, Joanna. Would love to see you in person...

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