Sunday, February 16, 2014

waiting for lambs

Girls and very young bucks have 3 stalls in the barn. The bucks have 2 stalls.

Stall #2 is the nursery

Dakota has been hanging out in stall #1. Look at that udder.
We never know where we'll find JackBadger and BarbaraJean
sleeping during the day. Today, stall #3 of the barn.
Quiz - How do you know when Cherry is pregnant?
Answer - We she starts sitting on her butt.
We have 5 Tulip daughters -
Cassie, Holly, MariGold, Rose, and SilverBelle.
Cassie has Calamity and Caberet.
Holly has HopiArizona.
MariGold has MayBelle.

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