Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Breeding Schedule - Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

BooneDocksWilcox Breeding Schedule beginning Oct 13, 2015
Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

GINGERBREADGIRL  04/26/2006                will freshen in November
'S GIRL  06/30/2006                              TwoCharlie
CALIENTE RE: 03/07/2007                              TwoCharlie
MARIGOLD 06/17/2011                                TwoCharlie
RHUTHIE 03/28/2012                                      TwoCharlie
CHILIPEPPER  07/23/2012                             Redwood
BOUQUET  04/29/2013                                   Redwood
RedRose  10/28/13                                          Redwood
CaliCake  DOB 1/26/14                                   TwoCharlie
RedRhuffles DOB 4/6/14                              Redwood
JaneDoe DOB 6/8/14                                      Redwood


Roxy DOB 10/2/14                                           too small

MariMi DOB 10/6/14                                      not a breeder
ChiliBean 4/1/15                                              too young
StrawberryMari DOB 5/3/15                       too young
MulberryMari   DOB 5/3/15                         too young
Rosita DOB 5/3/15                                           too young

To the buck side of the barn for BooneDocksWilcox TwoCharlie:  
Tulip, Cali, MariGold, Rhuthie, CaliCake
To the doe side of the barn for Little Tots Estate Redwood:   
Chili, Bouquet, Rose, Rhuffles, JaneDoe

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