Thursday, November 10, 2016

I want to be with, Blissi, my girl.

Mike put her down at 1:30AM 11/11/16.
I'm digging up old photo's
as Blissi lays here
having seizures due to
cardiac/kidney failure..
I've taken some hard knocks in my life
but right now this seems unbearable.
I have to see that face each day,
I have to  have her butt-to-butt with
me at night.
I want to be with my girl.
Mike saw a photo of this Irish Terrier puppy
online, showed it to me,
I knew she was born for me.

In her prime,
with a chew bone.
What a personality, and ALL terrier.
Brawn is a year younger.
Blissi behind him.


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