Sunday, May 9, 2010

jacket weather, respite garden, birdhouse gourds, preparing to show

It's been quite cool here, and windy, BUT mostly sunshine. Woke up to 37 degrees this morning.
Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats


When we are home and the weather is good, our goats (the females and wethers) and poultry freely wander around the 30 acres.

The 6 kids.

Clarence and Mama Clara

I planted Birdhouse Gourds in here.

We've been working on my Respite Garden, will be an ongoing project for years, getting all sorts of bushes and perennials planted in here.

Mike on the left, grooming Pappy for an upcoming Show in Clemson, SC.

Dud says he's ready to show off.

oh my [and ready to get off]


ME said...

lol ok that was a first .....the goat getting off...lmao.
i love Clarence, he is just adorable.

Flartus said...

You've got a regular kindergarten going there, with that pack o'kids.

I guess Dud is really excited about the show, hee hee!

Don't know when you're going, but good luck to you and the four-footeds. Hope the new trailer makes it super easy.

Melodie said...

The babies are getting so big!Every goatie looks great!

Mom L said...

Oh, my, little Milk Dud sure has "grown"!!! Seriously, I'd love to be one of your goats wandering your acres with goatie and chicken friends!!!

Nancy in Iowa

Chicken Boys said...

Hey, I got some gourd seeds from Anna at Chickens in the Basement, but I've never grown them before. Are they a pole vine?

Anonymous said...


AJ-OAKS said...

Oh my, Milkdud, you stud you!!! :)
Those babies are growing so fast.
Love the pics with everyone just grazing and mosey-ing around.

Mary Humphrey said...

The weather has been crazy. Humid one day, jacket weather the next, rain on end the next. Ha.

Your kiddos look great, as always!

DebH said...

Gosh ..I just love all your photos! You just have the sweetest bunch! Dud looks like he is pretty Dudley too!!

Holly said...

The greenry is such a nice view as out my window we still are buried in snow. We must of gotten 6 -7 inches. Oh how I long for green. I wish you the best on your up coming show.

John Gray said...

joanna...apologies...just realised I have not "officially" followed you!!!!!!