Friday, November 26, 2010

goat fort,Sandy, Jeremy

I had several things on the to-do list today but only got one accomplished. I took an afternoon nap that wasn't on the list.

And Black-Friday shopping at retail stores was certainly not on my list. The retailers know not to count on me. One of my FaceBook friends said he was sitting at BestBuy at 1:30 in the morning! They'd have to giving out big bags of money before I'd even consider being down there in the middle of the night.

We recycled this children's playset into a goat fort/poultry perch. Mike and I were taking bets who would jump up there first, Pie was the nosiest.

then Cubby.

We're retrieved the fort from Sandy's yard, Mike's middle sister.

Sandy and Jeremy, our nephew charged with double homicide, were neighbors, living down the road from us. Sandy says she doesn't know if she can continue to live there looking at Jeremy's house (although the murders occurred up at Heather's house).

A Watauga County man is being held under a bond of ten million dollars after he was charged with two counts of first degree murder in the deaths of a man and a woman in the small community of Vilas on Monday.

Jeremy Russom was arrested after he was found under a home in the Foscoe Community several hours after the shootings.

According to friends of the victims, Heather Bumgarner arrived home about 2:30 in the afternoon and noticed a widow appeared open and the blinds moved in a way that made her think someone had broken in.

The friends say Heather then called another friend, Barry Cook and told him what she saw and that she was going into the house. Inside the house, say authorities, something happened and Bumgarner was shot to death.

Minutes later, when Cook arrived to check up on Bumgarner, he was shot to death as well.

Jeremy has visitation tomorrow at the Detention Center. We aren't allowed to drop off any items but can give cash so he can make purchases. Maybe the jailors come by with a cart of supplies, I don't know. We are planning to visit him, still very saddened about what he has done, but we feel like going there with love in our hearts is a good thing.

Which made me think of a gift idea for the holidays - donate some money to an inmate so s/he could buy some supplies.


IsobelleGoLightly said...

That's a lovely gift for the goats and poultry! Everyone should enjoy it so much. We are so very sorry about Jeremy and what he has done. We are all thinking of you here and send condolences to everyone involved. Such a tragedy for all.

Flartus said...

Joanna, you have been in my thoughts this week. I'm glad there is family nearby to support each other during this odd, difficult time. Maybe seeing Jeremy will bring you some answers. You have a big heart.

Nancy K. said...

The goat fort is AWESOME! I'm sure the chickens will enjoy it and make good use of it as well. I hope your critters are able to offer some distraction and a reminder of how things will be again, one day!

Mom L said...

Even people need distractions like the "new" goat and chicken fort. I hope that visiting Jeremy will bring you some peace.


thecrazysheeplady said...


Jennifer said...

The goats are going to get hours of enjoyment out of that and you guys will too watching their antics while they play on it I am sure.