Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bye June and Sundance, Love you

With heavy hearts, we said goodbye to June and her wether, Sundance, yesterday.
June is pregnant and due on Apr 23, I hope I get photo's of her babies.
At their new, beautiful home, the owners made a nice pen for them.
Bennie, the tom turkey, went with 'em too. They're sons really liked our turkey toms.
Because we sold pregnant Little Tots Estate Reno (June), our Spring kidding is over.
4 bucklings - Fizz, Corky, Brunello, and O'pea.
1 doeling - ClaraBelle.
1 that we had to put down.
We're gearing up for our first 2011 Goat Show that's in a couple of weeks.
I may do something I've never done before, pertaining to goats.  I needed an alterations person. Through the internet, I found a local resident, she originally is from Ecuador. Americans are not familiar with eating goat, but I know that people from other parts of the world are quite familiar with eating goat. After I showed her what hemming and embroidery work I needed, (for our goat-show attire, I'll show ya when she gets through), we got to talking and I made her a deal - that I would give her two male goats to eat (Cubby and Bubba), if she invited us over for dinner. She was very excited about the idea and said she would talk to her husband and let me know. She's gonna look up my blog and website. She said that she and her husband were just talking about getting some goats.


Dot said...

WHAT? WHAT? Eat Cubby & Bubba? I can't believe it!

C and C Antiques and Animals - What a Life! said...

I have boers and even though mine were show goats many people would stop to ask to purchase one to eat. I have never eaten the meat but have heard from other boer goat breeders around here that is good. I will admit I didn't know dwarf nigerians were used for anything other than milk.

Paula said...

It looks like June and Sundance got a beautiful home! As far as eating goat, David would eat goat when he was in Iraq. Says it was good, a lot like lamb. I'm not sure there is enough meat on a nigey to make it worth butchering. Aren't Pygmies more of a meat mini?

Denise said...

Goat meat is really good. I hope you get that meal, I am so jealous cause I bet she is a fantastic cook!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

I know Nigey's are small but I thought two males might make a meal. Nigey's are not a meat goat but I think folks eat extra males.

The thing is:
1) Poor Cubby has a skin condition that I've tried to treat.
2) Bubba, his testicles never did drop and my Vet doesn't want to do the operation.
3) Cubby is a wether and Bubba acts bucky so I can't send them to home together or Bubba would try to make Cubby his slave.

So, I thought eating them would be the answer. I'm not going to process them but if somebody else was willing, I was offering the boys.

Phyllis said...

I hope their new home is a very good one.

My Lily is really big and I'm expecting to see one or two babies every morning when I open the barn. There's just no way she's got one kid in that wide belly of hers, but I hope that's ALL she has!

Holly said...

We butchered a wether a few weeks ago. Didn't have anything else to do with him. Not a lot of meat in a Nubian wether but far less in a pigmy I'm sure. On our place we can't afford to just have a goat around that isn't producing.It will be interesting to see how she cooks it. Let us know.