Saturday, April 23, 2011

We got two new girls,

Nigerian Dwarf DairyGoats
a mother and daughter pair, from Firestone Creek Farm. We're gonna call this little girl, RosePetal.
Goats at Firestone Creek Farm.

We witnessed a chicken hen babysitting some kittens while the Mama Cat was away.

RosePetal - Firestone Creek HWD Casablanca  DOB=4/12/10

Tulip - AGS East Rivendell HK Tulip's Girl *D AR2300  DOB=6/30/06

Tulip appears to be pregnant and the sire of the kids would be
Rosasharn CH Uproar +*S. We will be SO thrilled if that's how it works out. She would be due to kid on 6/18/11.
the above photo's = ©Cheryle Moore-Smith
JackBadger and BarbaraJean wrestle constantly with each other.


Nancy said...

Hi Joanna, JackBadger is starting to look like my Oliver. Happy Easter, Nancy

Denise said...

Your new little girl is so sweet! Love the chicken and the kittens.