Sunday, February 26, 2012

wishlist, SAP meeting, shed

Wishlist: 4 full-time employees -
maid, chef, carpenter and farm hand

On Saturday Feb 25, 2012 at 11AM, Small Animal Producers members and friends gathered for a potluck lunch, Jeff Shutz DVM talked to us about properly deworming our goats, and we had a short meeting afterwards.
June 8-10 2012 4-ring SHOW
1) Yardsale - Saturday April 21st at 8AM. Terry Harris BBQ plates for $8 beginning at 11AM, dine in or carry out. Bluegrass band plays noon - 4PM. Cedar Park 4953 Casar Rd Lawndale, NC 28090 2) purchase, $25 and up, ads in the show brochure. *Grady Ward bought an ad for $200 AND is going to donate a doe at the show. 3) place orders for pocket-Tshirts with Kim Peace 704-466-0425 $10-$12 apiece. The printers will design the shirt with all the dairy goats on it.

Small Animal Producers
President Kim Peace
recieving $200 from Grady Ward
supporting the upcoming show.

At the meeting,
we delivered 3 of our sold does
to a SC family.
Gabbi, Peach, and Pansy
have moved to a warmer climate.
Hopefully, we will see them
again in the shows.
Today, we were working in the
old equipment shed,
setting up two pens.
SweetPea being nosy.

SweetPea acts like a dog,
staying nearby when we are outside.

SweetPea is my best friend. 

We told Jack that he has to guard
5 of the turkeys in a new spot.

Forcing the turkey girls
to lay and go broody in this pen.
Our poultry nestboxes are
not large enough for 'em.
Our turkeys are used to
free ranging so they aren't
gonna like being penned.

I want some turkey babies this year,


Carol said...

I enjoy your blog and all your critters.

Charlotte said...

I love the pics and farm review.

Charlotte said...

I love the pics and farm review.