Wednesday, July 28, 2010

June browsing, apple sauce, blue-lake beans

June out browsing

Mother-in-law made some delicious apple sauce. See tree in previous post.

I've got a pot of Blue-Lake Beans cooking on the stove. With a little salt and butter added, they're a summertime delicacy. Although it has rather humble origins as a canning bean, many gardeners and growers now consider it a gourmet bean. Its succulent crunch and mild bean flavor are tough to beat. Fine grocery stores and produce markets usually identify it by name (instead of selling it as a generic green bean), particularly when it's harvested at the immature stage and sold as baby 'Blue Lake'. I don't break 'em up but prefer them whole.


Melodie said...

What a great picture of June! Love those fresh green beans..I grow blue lake too!

Kelly said...

I love to watch goats browsing. I can hear them say "mmm a little more of that, oh this looks good, mm mm mm mmm oh, that is good. Burp. Oh I hate thistle. LOL. Happy canning of your gourmet beans. Imagine, we have been eating gorumet and didnt know it. Arent we classy.;)

IsobelleGoLightly said...

We've grown Blue Lake here too - Yummy! What a gorgeous photograph of the lovely June!

Callie said...

Pretty tea cup. Hope you got time to rest and enjoy tea time. I do love those blue lake beans. Great photo!