Saturday, July 3, 2010

My July 3rd

July 4th, The United States of America celebrates independence.

To be independent means to take care of yourself, making your own rules and providing for your own needs.

Presently sitting out on my deck enjoying the evening. In front of me, I've got several young Bourbon Red Turkeys hanging out on the railings. To the right, Mike is kicked back on a lounger watching the goats. This sums up our lifestyle, this is our "thrill." The simple life.
I suppose most Americans are off frolicking somewhere this July 4th weekend. In fact, I've got two Califronia cousins touring Europe, havig the time of their lives. Certainly tickled for them, I'm enjoying their FaceBook entries and photo's. Do I yearn to be in Europe? no. But it's wonderful they're having a great time.
Sisters Ann & Kate

Our day started with a trip to town. Found nail clippers at BigLots, these two for a $1.00.

Ate sandwichs at MountainBagels, went to the grocery store for human food, and the feed store for critter food, back to home-sweet-home. Made some turkey chili.

Some people like to eat the kinda chili that I think of as putting on hotdogs, I don't want to eat a bowl of that stuff.
Tasty, Cheap, and Easy is how I like to roll in the kitchen
Let's see I used -
ground turkey
chopped Vidalia onion
a little oil for the pan
black beans
dark red kidney beans
shoepeg corn
some chili seasonings
sprinkled some Asiago cheese on top

then, we had a welcome visitor, Luke. He's a retired marine from Virginia Beach that has followed my blog for awhile. In a few years, he and his wife will be movng to this "Blue Ridge" area, they're in he process of looking at land. Of course, every visitor has to have his/her photo taken with Franklin.

with AppalB'Udder

and our outhouse that sits in our front yard. I don't care what Jeff Foxworthy says, you're not a full-fledged redneck unless ou have an outhouse sittin' in your front yard. And we get redneck-bonus points 'cause we live in an RV.

Rednecks also have watermelons rinds out for the yardbirds.

We watched the goats today.

Obviously, Franklin is a redneck too.

So, here I sit in my paradise. I'm fulfilled, it holds all the adventure that I'll ever need. After our goats and poultry are tucked into the barn for the evening, my Saturday night will end with me laying in bed catching up on some of my favorite magazines. Good night John Boy, Franklin, SweetPea, Henry, MilkDud, Early...


Tina said...

Ahhh the simple life...nothing better than that. Love all your pictures. Franklin is very handsome and the baby goats....what can I say? Just too cute. Love them all.

Sandy said...

and here i sit looking for a vacation spot...your home seems like a year round vacation spot =o)

Peggy said...

what a wonderful life

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We will be spending this day at home in a 'simple' way too.

Enjoy your 4th!


Melodie said...

You farm is flourishing with new life!Goaties getting big,turkeys getting big...good food all the water melon you can eat and pleasant temps.....ahhhh!

Louise said...

I'm with you. Your life is happy and your critters are healthy. Who could ask for anything more?

A blog by the "Farmer" said...

Hi! Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your blog. Thank you! I know it is a lot of work...


Mom L said...

Joanna and Mike, I would love to sit in your yard with you and watch the goats, turkeys, chickens, and everything else gambol about! It looks like heaven, and your RV was just what you wanted to make it perfect.

Nancy in Iowa

Alix said...

I'm TOTALLY jealous of Luke! How come he get's to hold Franklin and I don't?

You know I still have a crush on Franklin and don't care that he's a redneck. Rednecks rule!

Mike said...

We hardly ever go anywhere. Semi hermits. One day we will have goats, too.

DebH said...

you have the best of everything...and the thing've done it all yourselves! I love your blog and all your pictures! Excellent!!

John Gray said...

franklin and Boris ARE long lost brothers!! they are so alike even the weay they pose infront of your hubby

love the melon photos...may nick that photo for my blog is thats ok
best wishes