Wednesday, February 16, 2011

dagnabbit no photo's

dagnabbit, just when I was having a good time on Sunday afternoon roasting hotdogs with fellow goats lovers, my camera decided to bite the dust. No photo's of us standing around the firepit.

then, on Monday - Valentines Day, my dear GingerBreadGirl gave me triplets. So cute. No photo's of my darling babies.

I've now ordered a new camera, like the one I had but newer model, but won't be here until 2/23/11.

The Nigerian-Dwarf-Dairy-Goats babies names are:
GinniBea = doeling, a mini GingerGB
SloeGinFizz "Fizz" = buckling, looks like Holstein, his Daddy
CorkDryGin "Corky" = buckling, flashy tri-color

This morning they were just starting to jump and twist around, I had to tear myself away and go to work, but I'll be planted in front of them this weekend.


Melodie said...

Congratulations on the new kids!

Louise said...

The new babies sound cute as can be!

Mom L said...

What a terrible time for the camera to bite the dust!!! But you can enjoy your goatie show and give us pics later on.

Nancy in Iowa

Foothills Poultry said...

Congrats on the new babies.


Michaele said...

Can't wait to see the pics when you get your camera.

Sandy said...

Can I come see them??? Please???

Dot said...

Can't wait to see the triplets! They sound darling. Glad to see your blog anyway, I was getting worried. Dot

Paula said...

Great news! Been checking daily for pics!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Awwww, congratulations on your new (precious) babies!! Yay for new cameras!!