Monday, February 21, 2011

Goat Genetics

I still don't have a camera, will hopefully arrive tomorrow [Tuesday]. Went to Kids' Corral Carol and Duane's yesterday [Sunday] mainly to get GinnieBea checked out because she has been having some health issues (she whines when she pees and poops) and they disbudded Corky while we were there.

Short story, back in September, Holstein found an escape route and bred GingerBreadGirl. Both are polled which is risky genetics for female offspring, however, the particular bloodlines would be awesome.

Line breeding on MCH Doe-Sy-Doe's Patches 2*D
Sire: Red Holstein - Patches grandson
Dam: GingerBreadGirl - Patches was her Aunt on dam's side, Patches was her grandmother on the sire's side.

Carol and Duane are really trying to preserve Patches bloodlines. After checking out polled GinnieBea, it is now GinnieHe. Still a darling little goat, loves to play, eat, and sleep, but not a girl. The testicles are up under the skin.

I just don't want him to suffer from eliminating, so we'll keep and eye on GH. We'll be wethering Corky, just doesn't look like a show buck but Carol and Duane LOVE the potential of polled Fizz.


Louise said...

They're adorable!

Claire the Shepherdess said...

Sweet little triplets! What a sneak, that GinnyHe! He was trying to pretend to be a girl! It's not even April Fools Day yet!

Dot said...

Darling babies! GinnyHe reminded me of one of our cats when he was being neutered, Dr. Thompson called in the middle of the surgery to tell us he had an undescended testicle so had to have an incision to remove it. Poor kitty had a longer recovery but all went well. Hope they be able to do this for GinnyHe. Kisses to all!

Melodie said...

They are all cute ,cute, cute!

Nekkid Chicken said...

I could just kiss them on the lips. Nothing like a goat kiss to start your day. :O)

Carol said...

You have a GinnyHe and a GinnyBea how about a Gin-Fizz

Paula said...

I absolutely believe they know! Even the chickens know who they came with. All the different batches of chicks we have received, even after years,they all hang and roost with who they came!