Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super, Sunny, Sunday

We had sunshine today, still chilly, but good gettin'-out, takin'-a-few-photo's weather.
Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

Again, our bucks don't live with the does and wethers. We've got 7 bucks - MilkDud, Cahoot, Pappy, Beau, Bordy, Holstein, and Bubba.

Now for some cute girls.

Yes, the hot, and heavy turkey matings continue.

Have you tried any of these Bertolli Oven Bake Meals? Pretty good, we've had these three. Quick, easy, and very tasty after a hard day at work. $6.50 per bag at WalMart. .


Louise said...

Cute pictures, as always. I haven't tried the Bertoli oven products yet, but I've been looking at them. Might be time to grab a bag.

Tina said...

Love the goat playground...and the girls are too cute, especially Pixie.

Mom L said...

I can't believe how "little" Milk Dud has grown into such a spectacular manly goat!!!

Nancy in Iowa

Nekkid Chicken said...

I just love all those fuzzy faces. There is nothing like being nuzzled by those cute goat lips ever. Changes your outlook of any bad day just to have their affection.

Haven't tried those yet,

SouthernHeart said...

Be still, my heart! Oh, those Nigerian dwarf goats are so adorable! Don't think I'll be able to talk my husband into them though. Our neighbor up the mountain raises Boer goats and has lost several of them to cougars sadly. I love their "playground"!


Carol said...

I like the way Franklin is guarding his hen.


What gorgeous goats! Everybody looks like they are loving the sunshine.

Jealous about the turkey mating. Things continue to be a bit slow in that area at our place. :(

Holly said...

Seven bucks, whoa, women, that's a lot. It must get right smelly during breeding season but then isn't that all year with your smaller goats? LOL

Paula said...

The goats look great! I just bought two extra blades for my clippers in anticipation getting rid of all that fur!

Jennifer said...

I love your goat's play yard! What a blast they must have playing on all that! My goats would be jealous!

Michaele said...

Great photos! We will soon be getting Nigerian bottle babies and I am soooo excited!

Mary Ann said...

I love reading about the goats... and yes, we like the Bertollis... so easy to fix when we are beat at the end of a hard work day and need something quickly.