Saturday, September 17, 2011

FireBall and Bully arrived

Today, September 17th,
BooneDocksWilcox FireBall arrived first
and then his big brother,
BooneDocksWilcox BullFire "Bully"

Dam = Kids Corral GingerBreadGirl
Sire = Gypsy Moon Moon Fire

strong Rosasharn bloodlines

Other exciting news, brother-inlaw, Charles, fixed the motor on the hay conveyer (hadn't worked for years). Here is 79-yr-old father-inlaw, James, loading the bales while Mike was catching 'em in the hayloft.

Thank you Charles for fixing that old motor, and thank you James for helping get the bales put away.

 There were spies watching as the bales went up.

 Quickly and easily, all done.


Bobbi Jo said...

Fire Ball & Bully are so sweet! Congratulations! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Melodie said...

Congratulations on the beautiful new babies!

Paula said...

Awesome on both counts! Great to see those healthy red boys and the conveyor! Too bad one couldn't have been a little girl though! Looks like we may have two of our girls bred. Fingers crossed.

Mahala said...

The babies are adorable. Love the names, as usual. What a GIFT to have a conveyor for hay bales - saves a lot of work and backache.

Carol said...

I love reading your blog. Those kids are so cute. I remember the days of haying...luckily..I always had tractor mowing and baleing..rakeing was kinda boring.

Mary Ann said...

Bravo! I hope I can still throw bales on the conveyor at 79! What a great thing! Glad the conveyor is working, makes it so much easier. The new boys are dolls!

Charlotte said...

Love the pictures. Congrats on the beautiful new kids and a handy dandy guy.