Thursday, September 8, 2011

remembering HonkyTonk and Tootsie

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and today, I received a nice gift in the mail from Helen Baldwin of Lucy and Ethel.
(I can't ever keep up if Helen is Lucy or Ethel). The Baldwin's were that nice family one county over. HonkyTonk and Tootsie lived with them for  a while on their spring-fed pond. Unfortunately, Tootsie was killed by a predator as she was setting on some eggs. Those pair of geese gave many of us cherished memories. The music CD was made by "Nana" and handed down to grandaughter, Katie, on her wedding day.

Thank you Helen, I've been listening to that beautiful music, reading your letter, and looking over the photo's. I will make sure Stacey see's the CD cover, and as I am, she will be tickled.
On Oct 8th, YellowWolfFarm Stacey is having an open house/farm. I've got the date marked on the calendar, come out!  I'm sooo looking forward to seeing HonkyTonk again, I hear he has a steady girlfriend and presides over a whole flock.


Claire the Shepherdess said...

So sorry to hear about Tootsie. What a lovely gift though - I'm sure it brings back good memories of your goosie friends!

John Gray said...

I am so fond of my geese and would be bereft if I lot one
lovely animals

Lucy and Ethel said...

Thank you so much, Joanna!

You know we'll always think of our HonkyTonk & Tootsie days with lots of smiles and a few winter-worry gray hairs, and even though Tootsie isn't around in full-feathered form, I know she's around :)