Sunday, January 16, 2011

Yellow Wolf Farm

Yellow Wolf Farm
This post is about sending you to another blog. Stacey is a friend of mine who lives an hour plus away. For y'all who enjoy my blog, you'll like hers because Stacey knows a lot about self-sufficient living. Follow her blog and you'll learn a lot.

HonkyTonk first was bought my my sister-in-law, Sherry (Scott and Jeremy's mother), at a Farmers Market. Then, he lived with us for a while when we lived in a rural neighborhood. Then, he lived with a family, one county over, who had a beautiful pond. Then, after his girlfriend got killed, he came back to us, and then he went to Stacey's, but she sent him and her other geese to live at a vineyard while she was moving, once settled Stacey got them back. He is the tamest gander you'll ever meet, such a wonderful personality, just darling. I had a diaper made for him, made out of bathing suit material, and he'd sometimes sleep next to my bed.
One time, Mike and I put HonkyTonk in the backseat, drove 6 hours one way to Cornerstone Farm, spent 2 nights at their B&B, to let HT pick out a girlfriend. Super African, Tootsie, picked HIM out. Scroll down almost to the bottom and you'll see us.

Also, be sure to read about Stacey's, Rufus.
Stacey knows that if HonkyTonk ever needs to be rehomed again, now that we live on 30 acres, HonkyTonk (and his present girlfriend) would always have a home here.
Also notice that Yellow Wolf Farm and Cornerstone Farm have Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats.


Yellow Wolf Farm said...

I did not realize that Tootsie came from Corner Stone farm. Thanks for filling in Honky's history. He has done more in his lifetime then most people!

John Gray said...

will do!

SouthernHeart said...

What a cute picture of the "four" of you! And a cute story too!


Nekkid Chicken said...

Done deal